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Not all Open Doors are Opportunity

Not all doors are opportunities, some are time bombs waiting to explode in your face, others will throw you out when there is nothing left. Bringing this down home, not all gigs should be accepted no matter how promising it appears. 203 more words


Give Gold to the things of gold

Your clientele as a writer are classified as gold, silver and bronze whether you like it or not.
It would not be fair, to give the things of silver to gold. 195 more words


Proofreading 102

Proofreading is a vital part in any writing process. It is so important, that if missed or not done properly, the whole work is rendered null. 198 more words


Visual Representations and "Positive" Outcomes

Heath & Heath have constructed an interesting article on the vitality of ‘good content’ and the successes that come with content that achieves a certain purpose. 347 more words

7 Questions Marketing Copywriters should ask BEFORE they write copy

  1. šWhat are the program goals? How does the program measure success? How can I track this measurement?
  2. šDo I understand the program?
  3. šWhat’s the recipient’s experience supposed to be?
  4. 59 more words

How a Bleeding Heart Can Generate Writing Ideas

How’s it going?

I logged into a freelance job site I’m a member of–something I do almost every day.

But when I found a notice at the top of my dashboard I was curious–that space is almost never used for anything. 487 more words

Fiction And Copy Decodes

How to Decode Your Book's Jacket Copy

It’s okay if your book fits in this formula. There are many good books where nothing technically happens, for instance. But here’s a handy way to figure out how your marketing team is talking about your novel/memoir/collection. 276 more words

Timely Concerns