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Community Manager Notes and Getting Out of the Rat Race

After a brutally long winter, the hot weather outside makes you feel like you are on vacation. Biking through the streets of Toronto liberates the mind and restores peace. 560 more words

Chickpeas and love

Most packaging copy is matter of fact, humdrum, or an afterthought. But the writing on the Tribe hummus package is as tasty and fun as the contents. 102 more words


Flip This Flop

I was recently asked to write about an innovative new service for gym members. What is this revolutionary idea? Is it some type of fitness tracker? 431 more words

Writing For Twitter: Tips To Help You Write Better Tweets

Twitter is being utilised more and more in business, as a way to communicate, engage with customers and even find new prospective customers. 225 more words

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Winds of change...

After having time off yesterday, I can easily say my writer personality is extremely jealous of my work personality. Even though my line of work is really only a way to pay the bills, it is all consuming. 156 more words

In defense of storytelling.

Hey, have you seen this pretty awesome vid from Stefan Sagmeister? If not, do yourself a favor and watch it. (It is short and amusing — if there’s anything funnier than accented cursing, I haven’t yet discovered it.) 731 more words

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