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My Fangirl Crush on Words

Yesterday, I was wasting another fine evening with Netflix and immensely enjoying “A Bit of Fry and Laurie” when Stephen Fry spoke these words:

“Imagine a piano keyboard, eh, 88 keys, only 88 and yet, and yet, hundreds of new melodies, new tunes, new harmonies are being composed upon hundreds of different keyboards every day in Dorset alone. 173 more words


GE: Art of Money

Sure, content writing assignments can sometimes feel a little uninspiring. And that’s not because you often have to follow a very specific brief or write to a very specific audience (personally, I like the prescriptive element of content writing), it’s just that the subject matter can at times be a little, well, meh. 1,146 more words

Professional Work

The top 3 ingredients for writing engaging copy

Whether you’re writing blog posts, website content or promotional materials such as flyers or brochures, you want your words to keep your reader engaged. A person who continues to read has a lot more chance of being a person who can be converted into a customer. 525 more words


Converse + Expand: Increasing a project's scope gives a client the brand messaging he needs

Sal Misseri is an award-winning stylist, colorist, and photographer who experienced a meteoric rise to success: he went from graduating from Brown Aveda Institutes in Ohio to running them just a couple years later. 131 more words


Democrats Abroad Switzerland

(Democrats Abroad Switzerland) @ https://blog.democrats.ch/

The organization represents the Swiss chapter of Democrats Abroad. As the centerpiece to its digital media, the blog needed to better communicate its key message and news. 42 more words


7NEWS Snafus

Denver’s Channel 7 ABC News (KMGH) is always making mistakes in heads, decks, captions, and so forth in its online and on-air news stories. In what’s bound to be the first of many blog entries, I’ll share some of them from recent times. 292 more words