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If you seriously had to question the answer to the question, you were exactly like me a few weeks ago. You see, my fiance is a professional musician in the classical side of the industry. 100 more words


Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy Cover Art

Hunting a spy hiding in plain sight’s a deadly game.

I enjoy spy movies and this one’s great to watch with a whiskey in one hand and in the other, another whiskey. 73 more words


Why is humor undervalued in employees?

It’s basic supply and demand. Modern audiences want their media to make them laugh, frequently and quickly. So why aren’t more advertising agencies hiring employees with a stronger appreciation for humor? 88 more words




Worked with Zoltun Creative Director on content development and editing for “We’re nuts about coconuts!” tagline for Calgon’s bath bar tradeshow giveaway. 7 more words


2 Tips Utama Membuat Nama Produk/Jasa/Usaha Anda

Berikut adalah 2 tips utama untuk membuat nama produk/jasa/usaha Anda:

1. Buat nama yang mudah diingat. Untuk langkah ini, beberapa teknik bisa digunakan, antara lain: teknik asosiasi, yaitu mengkaitkan nama usaha dengan jasa/produk yang akan Anda jual dengan nama-nama yang familiar di masyarakat. 71 more words


5-Step Selling Strategy That Can Make You a Top Sales Professional....Your Crash Course in Face-to-Face Selling

Selling is easy, if only you know how to do it.

Harry Browne proves it by his five-step strategy for selling anything at all. There are all sorts of fallacies about selling. 2,337 more words


Mockup Product Description from Madison Corner Collective circa 2013

You’ve heard of Mattel’s “Ken” doll? With Hallyu, the Korean Wave, quickly approaching the US shores, we introduce you to 11 inches of pure Asian charm in the “ 25 more words