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Make your own marine creatures

Since September 2014, museum staff and visitors have been working with Ghost Nets Australia to create a large coral bombora (or ‘bommie’) sculpture out of ghost nets and marine debris. 538 more words


The story behind it

The story behind it
by Janice Nigro

I got kicked out of the basic research system, simply put. A lot of disappointment followed, and perhaps only when I was on a beautiful island in Indonesia talking with the dive guides who could sing, play the guitar, and make jokes to me in English with single words, that I decided, actually, this is not the B plan. 852 more words


black and white undone

blennie on closed soft coral

I did a series of black and white underwater photos in response to a challenge. One blogger asked to see the original photos so here they are. 42 more words


The Beautiful and Deadly Mantis Shrimp

As gorgeous as this guy is, he is one bad shrimp. There are two basic types of Mantis shrimp. The first is known as a “clubber” they have bony structures on the end of their front legs that they can fire out with extreme speed and power to smash the shells of small crustaceans. 77 more words


underwater artist: algae

The last entry in the 5 day black and white challenge. I chose a giant clam abstract. These creatures have amazing patterns on their mantles which from what I understand are due to symbiotic algae. 48 more words



The colors of 2015: Just add a squirt of black pigment to last year’s colors. Did you know you can buy just the squirt of color, so you can mix your own paints at home? 295 more words

thousand piece puzzle

Day 4 of the black and white challenge. I love this photo of honeycomb coral but I sometimes wonder whether my tastes are too simple in underwater photography. 85 more words