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Ocean Great Ideas: How a Florida Hero rebuilds endangered Coral Reefs

Key Largo, Florida. It was more than 40 years ago, but Ken Nedimyer still remembers the first time he went diving in the Florida Keys.”. It was just the most magical place I’d ever been to,” said Nedimyer, 56. 767 more words


Under the Sea :D

Amazing!! Such beauty!! You have to be here to experience yourself. This is what I want to protect, the coral reefs. Not that the mangroves and blue holes aren’t important. 200 more words


Caribbean coral reefs ‘will be lost within 20 years’ without protection (RP)

Jessica Aldred’s article, “Caribbean coral reefs ‘will be lost within 20 years’ without protection” asserts that coral reefs are rapidly deteriorating at an unsustainable rate. Aldred’s claim is supported by the… 107 more words


Overfishing and Pollution Kill More Corals than Climate Change (RP)

Julia Piper’s article “Overfishing and Pollution Kill More Corals than Climate Change” argues that climate change is not the only cause for the decline in coral reefs in the Caribbean… 128 more words


Coral Reef

If you Google Image “coral reef” you will see kaleidoscopic shapes and colors “not seen in nature”, except:  here they are.  Amazing, strange, haunting, beautiful. 37 more words


From the Field: Coral Reef Restoration in the Philippines

Alex Kosnett has been a Coastal Resource Management Volunteer in the Philippines since 2013. He is from Dunn Loring, Va. and graduated from Virginia Tech in 2012 with a B.S. 757 more words


Diving with fish, turtles and sharks (oh my!)

Diving underwater can be a surreal experience. Diving is one of the few adventures that transports you to a totally alien environment, one that is naturally devoid of human life. 946 more words

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