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Hanauma Bay's Green Sea Turtles

Story by Emma-Jane Eeles

A blessed ocean connection As I adjust my mask and fit my flippers on both feet I can sense that something beautiful is about to happen. 573 more words


Diving on the Great Barrier Reef: Taka Range

I’ve had these photos ready to post for weeks and have been so busy working I haven’t had a chance! These were taken at the Taka Range dive site on the northern end of the Great Barrier Reef. 157 more words


Vets, Teens Transplant Corals In Florida Keys Marine Sanctuary

OFF BIG PINE KEY (CBSMiami) — A dozen wounded veterans are wrapping up several days of diving in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary Tuesday to help transplant corals on a special section of the reef set aside as a remembrance area for fallen American service personnel. 249 more words


We are Columbus-style killers

Anarchists and cultural purists have a saying: “Assimilation is Death.” They contend that when one group submits and conforms to the demands of a dominant culture, the submissive culture dies. 488 more words

Day 5. Climatisation

I’m not sure that is a word but I think I’m there now. It’s took four days of pain, soreness and embarrassment but my face has gone from raw liver red to a gentle glow and I no longer have a constant surprised look on my face due to my skin being so taught I was unable to change it. 243 more words


Day 45 - Adventure Challenge: Coral Reef & Dolphin Petting

Adventures come easy this week. I’m on vacation and have been so excited for so long to bring my son to the ocean. It’s hard in some ways because I’ve had to rethink some activities due to his broken arm. 239 more words


10 Sea Creatures With Amazing Disguises

Little fish have it rough—there’s almost always a bigger fish who can’t wait to eat them. When it comes to surviving in the ocean, the best defense might just be the best disguise, and when it comes to disguises—here are ten sea creatures who have some amazing tricks up their sleeves. 753 more words