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Coral Bleaching

Coral bleaching is when all colour is lost from a reef, in contrast to the usual brightly coloured sea floors we would expect to see. It can be caused by changing ocean temperatures, extra sunlight, disease, water pollution, changes in salinity and increased sedimentation in the ocean. 468 more words

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Grant success!

Thrilled last week to find out we were successful in our application to the Carnegie Trust’s new grant scheme – the ‘Research Incentive Grants’. This grant will support the Maldives 2015 field expedition, in addition to the Gilchrist Educational Trust award we received earlier in the year. 127 more words

Climate Change

Gift giving for the minimalist traveler

Call me Scrooge, but I would rather spend my time doing a dozen other things than Christmas shopping. It is exhausting, I already have all I that I need, and I don’t feel the need to feed the cult of consumerism. 309 more words


And the colours fade to grey: What is coral bleaching?

By Stephan Kamrad

Hermatypic corals may look like lifeless rocks but they are really living creatures which belong to the animal phylum Cnidaria, together with jellyfish and sea anemones. 598 more words

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