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Beta Round 2 Week 2 Progress Photos!

Hello all! As promised, here are the photos that show the difference between Round 2 Week 1 and Week 2! I’m once again blown away by the difference a week makes! 403 more words


Results - Focus T25 Beta Round 2 Week 2

Hello and welcome! I’m currently still having a difficult time believing how well I did this week, all things considered. I only did 3 Focus T25 workouts this week, and I wanted to post my schedule so that everyone can know what I did this week: 309 more words


Something Must be Working!

Hello and welcome! Lately, with the springy turn in the weather, I’ve been in a really good mood. I’ve been trying to eat more, and, though it feels like I’m constantly stuffing my face, I still managed to lose another 2 lbs since Saturday. 372 more words


Focus T25 Core Speed Review

Focus T25 is a 25 minute workout bundle created by Shaun T (same trainer who created the Insanity workouts). Shaun T is a fitness rockstar – he’s got personality and he knows his stuff.  410 more words


So much food...

Greetings! So, for those of you who read my blog regularly, you know that I’ve been trying to increase my calories to keep my body from burning muscle for energy. 612 more words


Insanity Fit Test - Holy Cannoli

Hello everyone! I’ve been feeling great lately, and super duper in control, and Sylvia and I just started Beta round two this week with a couple of modifications: 798 more words


Speed 2.0 is out... Core Speed is in!

Greetings! Overall today, I feel pretty good! I have a bit of a dehydration headache (I can normally tell because it hurts in the back of my head when I turn my head suddenly), so I gotta drink lots of water and electrolytes today. 499 more words