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37 Fitness and Nutrition Tips

Here’s to tip #21-25!

21. Warm-up!  That’s all.

22. Tired of crunches.  Then stop!  There are many different other exercises to choose from.  In fact, get off your back and turn over and start with regular plank(starting push up position) or elbow plank. 57 more words

Day 8: ABC

I exercised today. I also ate two snack sized bags of stress chips. So there’s that.

I went to a 45 minute gym class at my work’s gym (free with the $25/month membership fee–huzzah). 325 more words

30 Minutes

The most dreaded phrase in Yoga

I was taking a particularly challenging class the other week and a question popped into my head: What is the most dreaded phrase in Yoga? Is it “Core Work?” “Arm Balances?” “Inversions?” Maybe “Choose a partner for this next pose?” There are so many candidates and all of them have compelling arguments. 435 more words


Practice 4.6.14

Every Sunday and Monday, I take back to back classes at my favorite yoga studio. It’s such a lovely way to start my week. Feeling strong, focused, and healthy makes it easier to handle everything life throws at me. 298 more words


Abs Video

Do each ab exercise for 60 seconds. One cycle takes five mins. Do 3 times for a great 15 min ab work out. Ab exercises provide by John Wayman demonstrated by Cara Bednar… 35 more words

Workout 8

Today was dumb. It was just full of dumb people doing dumb things. And I’m not talking about April Fool’s jokes. No, today was a day so full of stupid that even Mike Milbury, who recently described Brandon Bollig as a “good” hockey player, would have said about it, “Damn, that’s stupid.” And then he would have hit someone with a shoe. 301 more words


Learning How to Breathe

Hi, my name is Katie and I’m a professional side-stitch cramper.  Every runner I know has at some point experienced this terrible, awful, no good “Please just go away!” pain. 837 more words