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Corework- great for post-baby (or post Mexican fest!)

I didn’t consistently start doing abs/ core until after I had a baby when I suddenly realized my stomach had been obliterated!


I feel like my running is stronger now post-baby because I started to focus on the little things like core, hip, glute work… it all adds up to making you stronger and all-around athlete with less injury too! 154 more words

Core Work!

My core is the weakest part of my body. So every day I try to do a little bit to help build strength. This core work can be done in addition to another work out or by itself. 68 more words

What's Your Fitness Weakness?

Super heroes have a weakness, for Superman it was kriptonite. Likewise every fitness enthusiast also has a weakness.

I am thrilled to be part of a weekly link-up hosted by Jessica from… 294 more words

How to Improve Your Core

We all want a strong core, and we know that it is important to work on building our core. Core exercises should be an important part of our everyday fitness routine, but how do we know if our core strengthening exercises are working? 513 more words


Day 26: Backbends and Peak Pose

I’ll keep the chat short on this one and get to the point. Yoga with a peak pose. Have you ever noticed sometimes your teacher may bring you through a whole ton of poses and suddenly jump you into a big or deep or difficult pose? 850 more words

Strength Training Made Interesting.......Or Putting the Peanut Butter on the Apple

For me, strength training is a bit like eating an apple (bear with me on this).  It’s a pretty boring item of fruit but I’ll eat one occasionally, not because they taste amazing but because I know that they’re good for me, and reaching for a granny smith instead of the bag of cheese and onion crisps is a healthy choice.   450 more words


My Top Three Favorite Exercises to Get You a Flat Stomach Fast

Summer is officially in full swing, and everyone knows what that means. It is time to come out from underneath all our layers of clothing. This means there will be no way to hide certain parts of our bodies, and while some of us are happy to see summer finally here, a lot of us have to be dreading this change in weather. 416 more words