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April 20, 2014

I feel like my life would be a happier place if I could post a picture on Facebook of a haircut/coloring I just got and have my friends just… 536 more words

April 19, 2014

Before I forget, a special note to everybody at work who said “I bet you thought winter was over, huh” when it snowed last week: so, not only do I have to work in this crap but now I’m some kind of idiot who deserves to be mocked because you assume I couldn’t… 985 more words

Train Engineer Boots Selfie Taker In The Head

I have no idea why you would take a selfie in front of a moving train? Maybe some photography project?

Well I would suggest not doing it anymore, because this guy did and the engineer reached his leg out and kicked him in the dome! 12 more words


The Goonies Sequel - Yes or No?

The Goonies sequel has now been confirmed!

I don’t quite know how I feel about it though. On one hand, I’d love to revisit one of my favorite childhood films but on the other hand, it may destroy the love I had for the original. 803 more words


Hollywood Pedofilia Star Corey Feldman Stand by Me

ESPAÑOL: Corey Feldman, actor conocido más por su actuación en la película Stand by Me, denuncia pedofilia en Hollywood. Lo felicito por exponer esta enferma perversión, pero no dá nombres por miedo. 125 more words

Former child star discusses sex abuse in Hollywood

Former child star discusses sex abuse in Hollywood
BY JASON NARK, Daily News Staff Writer April 10, 2014

….Adults in the Hollywood system and his own family abused him mentally and sexually, he says, at a time when he was one of the world’s biggest child stars. 272 more words

Sexual Abuse