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Staying in Touch

I’ve always been an outgoing person; the type that most everyone gets along with (more so over the last 5-7 years) ((And of course I’ve had the few that really didn’t like me for whatever (usually dumb) reason (sorry I didn’t drive you home from high school that onnnne day, Rhamy))). 735 more words


Strategies for Becoming a Better Fighter

Corey walks us thru some tips to becoming a better athlete and fighter. Understanding the process and embracing the struggle can mean the difference between

The Coin of Compromise

Our good friend Bruce Olsen visited from Ohio recently and halfway through our visit Bruce reached into his pocket and pulled out a silver dollar. He sensed from reading my blog posts that this coin may help Mark and I settle some of our differences. 568 more words


Throwback Thursday: Jack Black Turns 45

So I happened to get REALLY lucky with the #tbt for this week. I get to help celebrate the 45th birthday of one of our favorite human beings alive: Jack Black. 247 more words


Let's write...

Why not? It’s already after 6 am. He’s wide awake and Froot Loops are already hitting my leg. Corey isn’t going to go back to sleep. 205 more words


Quickies: Album Sales, Mediocre Tours, Phil Labonte's Ability to Articulate, and more!

Well. Here I am. Hanging out. Trying to figure out exactly what it is that Opeth is doing…