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‘Thou Art My Warrior’: Questions of Alliegance and Power in Coriolanus and Homeland

Cabined, cribbed, confined

Am I. These four walls chatter

With gun shots and lost brides

Widowed in Corioles

Weeping in time for tea.

Something happened over there. 3,307 more words


London Evening Standard Award brings back memories

The recent news of Tom Hiddleston being nominated for a London Evening Standard award brought back fond memories of my time in London over the New Year. 548 more words

Tom Hiddleston

Daily Shakespeare: Coriolanus-The Capitol: Cominius

(Act 2, Scene 2)

I shall lack voice: the deeds of Coriolanus
Should not be utter’d feebly. It is held
That valour is the chiefest virtue, and… 322 more words


MCC Home Video Scorecard #2: Costumes and Scares

Previously on Midlife Crisis Crossover: we launched a new recurring feature that’s me jotting down capsule-sized notes about not-new movies I catch at home. In this batch of Stuff I Recently Watched: two recent horror DVDs that were given to me for free, just in time for Halloween; one Shakespearean adaptation with a most unusual costuming approach; and one period-piece/biopic featuring an actor whose biggest starring role yet was just announced earlier today with much delightful fanfare. 1,300 more words


Tom Hiddleston

A massive rock from Asgard fell on Earth and just hit my head. I deserve that.

Tom, I should’ve put you on my photoshoot bucket list ages ago. 25 more words

Fish's Eye

Science, Shakespeare, and Katniss Everdeen

Minor Spoiler Alert: if you have not read the first two Hunger Games books (or seen the movies) OR read/seen Shakespeare's Coriolanus, there are some spoilers in this post. 1,468 more words
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- Coriolanus -

As some people already guessed, I have been a huge fan of Tom Hiddleston. He was a great actor in my opinion, especially as Loki in first Thor film. 391 more words