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Science fiction books I love

Isaac Asimov’s Foundation novels

These books are so much fun to read: action-oriented, old-school, history-infused science fiction. I have a big soft spot for the initial trilogy especially, but the rest of the series is a great read as well. 850 more words


The Road.

“I’ve  been on the road so long/ Been tired and cold so long…”

This book, The Road, by Cormac McCarthy is a great work of literature that I had never heard of. 405 more words


The Counselor, a place to start

As a place to start this blog, The Counselor is as good as any. It sits at the nexus of so much I want to talk about here. 745 more words

Cormac Mccarthy

Film: AIFAV Fest Reviews: Last Call, Koinonia and Le Week-End

By Will Ashton | wa054010@ohiou.edu| @thewillofash

I’m a little late this time around, but here are my latest batch of reviews from the film festival. I am not even going to pretend that these movies have much in common with one another, so let’s just get moving on the show here. 1,012 more words


10 Books That Made Me Squirm

There’s a difference between being afraid and feeling uncomfortable. Funnily enough, the typical run-of-the-mill horror works rarely make me squirm. Sure, they scare me sometimes, but they don’t leave me with stomach-turning discomfort or sense of unease.  1,429 more words

10 Books That...


I’ve written four feature length screenplays since 2006, and while I’ve received great feedback on them and had interest in a couple of them from producers and directors, they haven’t progressed any further. 199 more words

Daley James Francis

Damien Dsoul

There are some histories we write, as well there are those too frightful to ever be put down on paper. Not because they won’t be believed, but we fear what society might gleam of it. 1,154 more words