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Games and Literature: Forgotten Video Game Scripts of Famous Authors

Although the artistic merit of video games is, to some, still up for discussion, many of recent history’s most brilliant authors have felt the medium’s cosmic pull. 1,819 more words


Analysis: Fargo's True Story

Analysis: Fargo’s True Story

Is “Fargo” based on a true story? No, it is not.

“The Philosophy of the Coen Brothers” is a book that collects essays about Joel and Ethan Coens’ films and dives into their deeper meanings. 766 more words


Today's Quote: On lost worlds.

“He stood down into the snow and dropped the reins and squatted and thumbed back the brim of his hat. In the floors of the little wells she’d stoven in the snow lay her perfect prints. 98 more words

Today's Quote


There are no words to describe how sensitive I am to the jilt of my lady love.

The perceived imperceptible jilt.

I read it in the white space between sentences, the words she doesn’t say, the harrowing gap between an email sent and her echo response, crying too late, too short, up the canyon walls of my cavernous appetite. 364 more words


Further thoughts on romance, the speech I gave, and personal reflections on Cormac McCarthy's "All The Pretty Horses."

Preamble: I’ve more or less come to the conclusion that no one reads this blog. Which doesn’t upset me. Feeling like I’m writing to an audience has been oddly therapeutic. 4,253 more words

Life And Happenings

On Writers

John Banville once said holidays are for people who hate their lives. John doesn’t take holidays which means he must love his life. Somehow, he still manages to sound like a miserable sod. 268 more words


"stubborn tiny lights vs. clustering darkness forever ok?" // J.M.W. Turner

“You have to carry the fire.”

I don’t know how to.”

Yes, you do.”

Is the fire real? The fire?”

Yes it is.”

Where is it?

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