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Many years ago I saw a film which blew my mind and left me speechless. I’m talking about ‘Napoleon Dynamite’.

Before I watched it I heard about its debut at Sundance Film Festival, but the reviews at the beginning were mixed. 404 more words


Corn – Symptoms, Causes and Home Remedies

Corns and calluses are dense coatings of skin. They are instigated by recurrent compression or resistance at the spot where the corn or callus grows. 175 more words

Homemade Tips

"What to Drink"

    When something is genetically modified, its genes are tampered with to result in a distinct outcome. This occurs with not only plants but also animals. Due to science becoming so advanced over the years, saying biotechnology has merely increased is an understatement. 324 more words

Corn - Cheese Balls

Now this is a starter I had tasted in a popular restaurant in Chennai called Cream Centre and I loved it. It is infact one of their signature dishes. 495 more words


Zucchinni "Pasta" with Tomato, Tuna, Pea and Corn Sauce

Had a craving for this childhood favourite and thought it was time to create a healthy version using zoodles instead of pasta.  This is one of those dishes my mum use to whip up on beach holidays or when there was only the basics in the fridge and cupboard.   233 more words


GMO Acceptance an Uphill Battle in China

The Chinese government is trying to convince Zhou Guangxiu that the corn in the congee she wants to feed her son is safe. That may not be easy. 162 more words