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Karena cornering pake motor itu sudah terlalu mainstream... Jadi pake bis saja..

Hola folks

Terkadang hidup ini terasa kurang greget. Hidup biasa kok takut dibilang mainstream, kalo mau nyoba gak mainstream kok malah takut ditanya tiga perkara sama malaikat kubur, susah ya.. 198 more words


Road Bike Skills

Just when you think you might have acquired some decent bike handling skills…guys like Brumotti, Ashton and MacAskill…utterly shatter your illusions!!! 😁 Bugger me. These lads are absolutely amazing to watch. Mad skillz indeed

Bicycle Riding

Training weekend #2; Cutting Corners

I went back to Germany to work on my skills, but when I arrived it turned out the bike park was closed due to maintenance. So instead of practicing steep descends and drops in the park I rode a part of the Rheinsteig, a hiking trail along the Rhine. 49 more words

Getting Skilled