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Great Tone: Part 1 of 3

Tone is influenced primarily by three factors:

  1. Embouchure, particularly the lower lip
  2. Tongue placement
  3. Oral space/open throat

In this first of three posts, I’ll discuss the lower lip and its role in tone production. 423 more words


One Year Later with Ksenia Anske

It’s hard to believe Ksenia has only written full time a year.  She has come a long way.

I introduced Ksenia Anske not too long ago in an interview entitled The Amazing Ksenia Anske.  1,919 more words


Spa turn by turn

1.La Source – The corner that starts the lap. It’s a very tight hairpin that is slightly downhill and hence requires plenty of respect on the brakes. 668 more words


The Football Ramble Corner(s) of the Week


Best use of a corner flag as prop since Lee Sharp’s Elvis impersonator…


or Keisuke Honda’s attempt to pass the ball to Felix Baumgartner? 56 more words

First day

I woke up and we made some breakfast. Potatoes, eggs, bacon, toast, OJ and Makenzie made a really yummy shake. While we were cooking I saw the honey birds and they are so cute! 87 more words

Odd corners

“It is not on mountaintops that the charm of life lies, for we are seldom there. It is in nooks and vales, in odd corners, that life is spent and finds its settings.” 303 more words