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Vi Germany’s First Ambassador Ralf Schönwerth: “Vi gives people the chance to make their dreams come alive” | ViSalus BlogViSalus Blog

wanted to share this amazing story from our first German Vi Ambassador, incredible to think that we aren’t even officially lunched here or in Austria, we are still only in pre launch at that has only been 10 weeks so far, real people doing amazing things.. 26 more words

Top 5 places with the wow-factor

If a spaceship landed in your back garden, and its occupiers asked you what they should see on planet Earth before they return to outer-space, which five places would you suggest? 727 more words

United Kingdom

So much to do. Not so much time.

So after all my bitching about Mr. Jackhammer outside my window, he’s been mysteriously absent since I published that post. This in turn has led to two things: 599 more words

The Everyday

NaPoWriMo Day 17 - I'd Give Anything

This is one of those random writes that came out of nowhere, I hope you enjoy more of my rambling thoughts. . .! :)

Clouds spread across… 108 more words


913 138

I explained what I thought of poverty and the need for foodbanks six months ago in this post. The Trussell Trust, which organises more than four hundred foodbanks in the UK, now says that in it gave three-day food parcels to 913 138 people, adults and children, in 2013/14. 267 more words


Gwener an Grows

Good Friday in Cornish is ‘Gwener an Grows’, Friday of the Cross.

According to Cornish Culture, the traditional Cornish view of Good Friday was not as a solemn day of mourning, but as a feast, called ‘Goody Friday’ – perhaps misunderstanding (or having a different understanding? 117 more words


Early purple orchids on the Lizard (Cornwall continued)

The lizard is supposedly THE place to go in Cornwall for aspiring botanists. Despite a rather tired 3-year old, we managed to see quite a lot of interesting plants. 62 more words