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Crunchy "Coronation" Chicken Salad

The reason the Coronation in the recipe title is in quotes is because this isn’t technically the coronation chicken we all know and love. There’s no creamy white sauce slathered all over the chicken, it’s more of a mango chutney! 187 more words


Royalty: King Mohammed VI of Morocco Celebrates 15th Anniversary of His Coronation - Rabat - July 30 2014

Attention Royal Watchers! King Mohammed VI of Morocco celebrated the 15th anniversary of his coronation July 30, 2014. The monarch addressed the nation, pledging to do more to eliminate the social equality on his kingdom. 179 more words


The Catalpa Tree

61 years ago, George Dobson, who was then Market Lavington’s oldest inhabitant, planted a tree to mark the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. We have featured this before on the blog and you can… 140 more words


Getting Hillary. So?

Well it’s been a hot Summer here in Florida with the usual weather – hot, humid, high in the nineties, chance of scattered thunderstorms.

Saturday I received my gubernatorial Primary ballot – the Democratic primary is next month. 574 more words

The Workhouse Games - Sport and Celebration

The spectacle of the Commonwealth Games has reminded me of how the Coronation of King Edward in 1902 was celebrated by the management and inmates of Swansea Workhouse. 335 more words


Make it rain

After decades of schooling and two years of servitude (or 1.5 years for those of us me) as a trainee solicitor, the long-awaited day of recognition and glory finally arrives: qualification. 367 more words

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