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'Coronation Day', Legend of Korra book 4 review

‘Coronation Day’ was set in two separate locations; as dictated by its two preceding episodes. In Republic City, Mako and Bolin reunited for Wu’s coronation, where Kuvira was supposed to hand over control of the ‘Earth Empire’ to the newly anointed Earth King. 340 more words

The Last Airbender/ The Legend Of Korra

All hail the King and Queen of France

Finally Mary and Frances are officially the King and Queen of France. Actually, I’m only really happy Mary is finally Queen. Frances could have stayed a prince until the end of time for all I cared. 348 more words

'Reign' Producers' Preview: 2x03 'Coronation'

In this producers’ preview for tonight’s all-new episode of Reign, executive producers Harley Peyton and Laurie McCarthy tease the crowning of Francis as King of France and the pesky Lord Narcisse that just won’t go away. 8 more words


Reign: Coronation (10/16)

MARY OVERSTEPS HER BOUNDS — With France in a state of famine, as well as religious and political unrest, Mary (Adelaide Kane) looks for a way to feed the people, risking the wrath of a vengeful Lord Narcisse (guest star Craig Parker).   104 more words


George VI - The Coronation, 1937

The Coronation of King Edward VIII was planned for 12 May 1937, with a new set of coronation stamps to be issued. After Edward’s abdication on 11 December 1936, the Post Office were under pressure to produce two new issues for King George VI – a new definitive set,  and an issue to celebrate his Coronation on 12 May. 273 more words


tiara time! the Coronation Crown of Spain

The crown used in the Spanish Coronation this past June was the most underwhelming event of which your Blog Hostess could conceive. Forget every annointment, oath, chorus and benediction associated with the coronation of a British monarch. 808 more words

Tiara Time!