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Why I Spank and When It Goes Wrong

Like the majority of Americans I was raised in a home that used corporal punishment .  My mom broke a fair share of wooden spoons on my rear end.  1,256 more words

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Thoughts on the Peterson story

It would make sense that a football fan and a writer of a blog about fatherhood would comments on the Adrian Peterson child abuse story. First I would let to say that neither African Americans nor Southerners have exclusive rights to physical discipline. 486 more words


Minnesota Vikings’ Adrian felony charge for spanking his child has renewed a national conversation about whether physical punishment is an effective and justified means of child discipline. 383 more words


A Better Way: Wrestling With All This "New Fangled" Discipline

(originally published on MyBrownBaby.com)

Long before Adrian Peterson’s story hit the news, my hubby and I have been wrestling with the whole to spank or not to spank argument. 1,335 more words


Geek Alabama Rewind: Week of 9-20-14

Here is the latest weekly recap for Geek Alabama!  Some of the most popular posts from last week included watching a Medal of Honor ceremony of Bennie Adkins and Donald Sloat, a infographic about the problems in East / Northeast Alabama, post about why Apple’s newest products are losing steam and catching up, post about Adrian Peterson and why corporal punishment needs to be banned, post about Hub Network’s ending and Discovery Family, and a post about why Anniston / Oxford problems needs to come to an end. 247 more words

Geek Alabama Rewind

Experts: If Corporal Punishment Worked, Battered Kids Would Be The Best

HOUSTON, Texas (CBS Houston) – With Minnesota Vikings star running back Adrian Peterson indicted in connection with one alleged child abuse case and facing investigation regarding a second case, America’s parents have been left asking themselves: Is using corporal punishment on a child too tough? 1,037 more words