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Boarding a plan in Cambodia and arriving in Singapore is travelling from one end of the economic spectrum to the other. In Cambodia, the average income per capita is way, way below the world average. 1,093 more words


Causing a Stir in the London N1 Shopping Centre!


Saturday night I went to the Guns 2 Roses gig at the O2 Academy in Islington, what a brilliant gig! On leaving the gig my tiny hotpants caused quite a stir in the N1 Shopping Centre where we stopped to take a few photos with one of the support bands. 23 more words


United States Classrooms: Corporal Punishment

In United States classrooms, is instilling fear through corporal punishment on students an effective approach to teaching?  This controversial issue has become increasingly frowned upon over passing generations, but still may yield positive results at the expense of moral and ethical uncertainty. 471 more words

Law and Order – the Irony of Deterrents, Part 2

I’ve just re-read my first post by that name, and I couldn’t help but notice that it’s terrible. So this isn’t going to be so much ‘Part 2′ as version 2.0. 1,667 more words


Societal violence and the treatment of children

I’m still taking notes from Peter Gray’s Free to Learn:

“…recently, research involving many types of societies has shown systematic relationships between a society’s structure and its treatment of children… 206 more words

Social And Political Contexts

The Wait

The Wait
by Kilted Wookie

She knelt, naked, head bowed, eyes downcast, enduring his scrutiny. Her hands were raised above her head; an offering, an act of supplication; his thick leather belt draped across them. 388 more words


Wednesday Classes

Wednesday Class

Today was my first day back with my 5th graders~ I was really happy to see them, but for some reason one of my noisier classes was particularly noisy. 1,095 more words

The Grant Year