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Jurisdiction of US Federal Courts over US Corporations Controlled from Foreign Countries

Francisco A. Laguna

Today’s blog is inspired by a case we worked on in Puerto Rico last year. Counsel for US corporations whose directors live abroad and control the corporation from abroad may find it instructive. 803 more words

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From NAFTA to Absolute Corporate Dominance of the World's Economies

I found this interesting article on Der Spiegel’s online news site. The article (link below) discusses European concerns about the TTIP. The Atlantic version of the TPP is causing alarm among the citizens of EU countries.  295 more words


Responding to Positive Feedback on Consumer Unions

I’ve listen to a couple of Rifkin’s YouTube videos on the subject. I’ve only listen to his premises on YouTube, I’ve not read his books on the subject, so my opinion is limited to small sample sizes. 487 more words


The Documents of Democracy?

Two documents can explain a lot of the current political disenfranchisement of the American population: the Crisis of Democracy issued by the Trilateral Commission and the Powell Memorandum written by former Supreme Court Justice Lewis Powell. 394 more words



I have great respect for the police. They are called upon to do unbelievable tasks, sometimes so despicable, that if it were you or me, we would run the other way as fast as we can. 946 more words


Global Corporate Charters


So, I’ve been researching and teaching about the expansion of the global capitalist system for decades.  From all the research I’ve done, it strikes me as just about inevitable that business will soon break away from its national charter licence system to one that is supra-national. 248 more words