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Political Corpo-Fascism and the US Postal Service

It’s a perfect target for the new conservatism. It’s undefended and unaware, that it’s an enemy of the new conservative (corpo-fascism) ideology. The United States Postal Service is a cheap option for the public to ship and receive their mail and packages. 632 more words


Could this favela be the blueprint for how our cities should look by 2050?

MGE  - Future shock – The wealthy design the cities of the future based on current slums as examples of  “better living”. We are sleepwalking into corporate control with a militarised police for ‘security’ – with the majority of the population living in slums. 731 more words

Spiritual Activism

Stephen Roach asks: Is this the last chance for Japan?

Japan is the petri dish for the struggle against the secular stagnation that is now gripping most major developed economies. And, notwithstanding all of the fanfare surrounding “Abenomics,” Japan’s economy remains moribund.

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What happened to me? Where am I? Can’t see anything. Can’t remember anything.


A shiver starts at the base of my spine and I hunch over to hug myself.   537 more words

A Practical Revolution? Consumer Union.

This was an address from another a forum…

I am not seeking a revolution, and neither is Thomas Piketty. Piketty is just revisiting some of the conclusion and obvious outcomes of State Capitalism that Marx pointed out in his critique of Capitalism. 717 more words