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Great Documentary on Big Pharma!

I stumbled upon this video thanks to a friend. It is pertaining to basically everything that is going on around the U.S obsession with pharmaceuticals. Specifically psychotropic drugs. 124 more words


"Congratulations! You just won 4.8 million dollars..." WARNING

“Publishers Clearing House” has been around for a long time, and we’ve all seen the TV commercials where the “prize patrol” shows up on someone’s doorstep, presenting them with a check for insurmountable amounts of cash and we’re secretly envious it’s not our doorstep. 449 more words


falling rocks

rent and bide our time
secret hope for next
home market collapse
so we can buy one

flipped deals cheap bank loans
leveraged cash buys… 108 more words

Alice Keys MD

Corporate Influence is Violence in Disguise

We live in a more or less permanent reality distortion field, where the truth is hard to discern. 

Every day, we are subject to messages, via advertising, social media, the mainstream media and through government public relations that tell us “the way things are”.  2,407 more words