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What happened to me? Where am I? Can’t see anything. Can’t remember anything.


A shiver starts at the base of my spine and I hunch over to hug myself.   537 more words

Veteran white collar criminologist @WilliamKBlack says next financial crisis "is certain." [Video]

“We have created the incentive structures that going to produce a much larger disaster.”


A Practical Revolution? Consumer Union.

This was an address from another a forum…

I am not seeking a revolution, and neither is Thomas Piketty. Piketty is just revisiting some of the conclusion and obvious outcomes of State Capitalism that Marx pointed out in his critique of Capitalism. 717 more words


Consumer Unions: Questions addressed

Addressing questions about Consumer Unions… This again was me addressing question, and trying to justify consumer unions… (This is taken from a forum response at the IOPS website. 1,345 more words

Great Documentary on Big Pharma!

I stumbled upon this video thanks to a friend. It is pertaining to basically everything that is going on around the U.S obsession with pharmaceuticals. Specifically psychotropic drugs. 124 more words