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Corporate Influence is Violence in Disguise

We live in a more or less permanent reality distortion field, where the truth is hard to discern. 

Every day, we are subject to messages, via advertising, social media, the mainstream media and through government public relations that tell us “the way things are”.  2,407 more words

FCC Should Revoke Licenses of FOX & CNN

One of the great things about traveling overseas is that you don’t tend to watch much television.  Fine by me.  I think if every American tossed their tube there would be a revolution inside of a week.  616 more words

Dean Henderson

New Deal for Illuminati Banksters

With economic indicators heading south again, President Obama’s last chance at redemption would be twofold.  First, outline a huge New Deal-type stimulus package that would help the US economy out of the doldrums.  769 more words

Dean Henderson