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Government reports, "There is no inflation" - Meanwhile, CNBC reports Inflation "aids $15B in Food Fraud"

File this under NTSHMA (nothing to see here move along).

In the longest recession in history, so long that we are actually approaching the next cyclical business cycle recession, the Government and The Federal Reserve… 360 more words


Total totalitarianism is impossible @Peta_de_Aztlan

Posted 4/15/2014

In a way just typing my thoughts has therapy value. Sometimes I bounce back and forth between mania and despair.
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Humane Rights

Canceling Obamacare is more hellish than signing up...

If you thought signing up for Obamacare was bad, try canceling. Here is the official position of Obamacare on trying to cancel your Obamacare insurance… 485 more words


Hot ink and hot air: the demise of a newspaper

Since childhood, I have loved the smell of hot ink. Clutching my father’s hand, I would stagger down the Victorian lane where our regional newspaper’s press chugged like a dragon protecting its lair, and breathe in the silky, hot fumes, dreaming of putting those words from my head onto paper: having them stamped wetly onto newsprint, shortly to dry and immortalise themselves. 621 more words

@BarackObama Stop a New #ColdWar with Russia

Pub 3/20/2014

Those of us who are consciously awake should clearly see that the world today is in great trouble. There are wars and rumors of war, such as mentioned in the Holy Bible about end times. 1,783 more words

Corporate Fascism