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Sen. Chuck Schumer and the Complete Shift to the Right in American Politics

This is a Response to Thom Hartmann’s blog. Thom was quoting Sen. Chuck Schumer’s rhetoric on the Democrat Party’s way forward. Link to TH blog post… 344 more words


Political Corpo-Fascism and the US Postal Service

It’s a perfect target for the new conservatism. It’s undefended and unaware, that it’s an enemy of the new conservative (corpo-fascism) ideology. The United States Postal Service is a cheap option for the public to ship and receive their mail and packages. 631 more words


Feeding the homeless illegal

In Florida. Another southern state.

Russell Brand’s take on the Christian fundamentalist dogmatism:

“Let’s bear in mind,” he concluded, “that America just had midterm elections where $4 billion was spent on campaigning — which is just telling you that something’s good. 526 more words

Common Sense

A prime characteristic of Western 'liberalism'

It is often claimed that Western liberalism or neoliberalism ‘only’ applies totalitarian measures outside Western borders.

This is not quite true. In fact, the corporate fascist nature of the regime running America is in plain sight for all to see:

US Human Rights Abuses