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The sacred texts of corporate graphic design

Before corporations, entertainment companies, sports franchises, and political parties acquired “brand narratives,” the notion of branding was a subset of a practice called “corporate identity.” CI, as it was known, required companies and design firms to develop, refine, and maintain an integrated identity system defined by laws set down in a bible known as the graphic standards manual. 895 more words

Remembering Wally Olins, brand expert, 1930-2014:

On Monday April 14th, Saffron Consultants sadly announced the death of their Chairman Wally Olins, after a short illness (Designers’ Friend, 2014). Besides his work at Saffron, Olins was recognized by the Financial Times as “the world’s leading practitioner of branding and identity” (Olins, 2014). 674 more words

Design Thinking

Creating Corporate Identities, The 8brand Way

8brand has adopted a formal approach to to analysing the critical components of graphic design We study the boundaries of any product, service or corporation and utilise them to move the brand to its desired potential. 423 more words

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Josephines sells beautiful retro and vintage objects on open air markets and design events. As these objects have a nostalgic and romantic look and feel, so does this charming logo.

Logo Design

ASDSO Logo Concept

The Association of State Dam Safety Officials held conference on dam safety. The colors are earth and nature tones. Shape made to resemble a patch.
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Corporate Identity Manual.

Corporate Identity is, arguably, the most frequently encountered and complex type of design work undertaken by practising graphic designers. Whether involved in the initiation of a totally new corporate identity design scheme, or in the production of work within an established scheme, designers will almost certainly work somewhere within the area of Corporate Identity many times in their career. 5,789 more words

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