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Jason Stanford: Who Is Leading the Civil Rights Movement Today?

Jason Stanford attended a conference in Austin to mark the 50th anniversary of passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. And don’t you know, the people who were responsible for No Child Left Behind think they acted in the tradition of civil rights leaders. 415 more words


What Would Cesar Chavez Say About the "Reformers"?

One of the most absurd conceits of the “reformers” is that they are leaders of the civil rights movement of our time. They bust unions. They strip teachers of hard-won due process rights. 130 more words

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Anthony Cody: Teachers, It is Time to Wake Up and Fight Back Against the Machine

Anthony Cody here describes teachers as “reluctant warriors,” as men and women who chose a profession because they wanted to teach, not to engage in political battles over their basic rights as professionals. 657 more words

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Dallas: "Support Our Public Schools" Does Not Mean Support Our Public Schools

In Dallas, billionaire John Arnold is supporting an initiative to turn the whole district into a “home rule district” or a “charter district.”

The organization that is collecting signatures has a typical reformer name: “Support Our Public Schools.” When today’s reformers say they want to “support our public schools,” it usually means the opposite. 447 more words

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Please Help Send EduShyster to Camp Philos!

EduShyster needs our help to go to Camp Philos to hear the great thoughts of such brilliant educational philosophers as Governor Andrew Cuomo, Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson (Michelle Rhee’s husband), Senator Mary Landrieu of Louisiana, and Whatz-is-name the mayor of Denver. 55 more words

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Peter Greene on Arne's Néw Message

Peter Greene has a large appetite for listening to our educational leaders. In this post, he describes speeches given by Arne Duncan and John King, defending the status quo. 40 more words


Billionaires Rule! How Governor Cuomo and Hedge Fund Managers Protected Charter Schools

I am late posting this article because it appeared about the time I started dealing with health issues (a bad fall that took out the ACL in my left knee). 659 more words

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