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Wendy Lecker on Charlatans in Connecticut

Just when you think things can’t get worse in Connecticut, another “reform” scandal pops up.

Civil rights attorney Wendy Lecker writes here about the clear pattern of hiring unqualified people to run impoverished districts. 225 more words

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Paul Horton Writes a Letter to President Obama

The following letter appeared as a guest post on Anthony Cody’s blog:

Paul Horton’s Open Letter to President Obama: Listen to Committed

Dear Mr. President, 1,600 more words

Education Reform

The Network for Public Education Does a Victory Dance

Friends, when a small group of parents and educators formed the Network for Public Education in 2013, we had a singular goal: to mobilize the allies of public education against the powerful forces supporting privatization and high-stakes testing. 580 more words

Corporate Reformers

Peter Greene: Without Honesty, There Can Be No Conversation

Peter Greene continues the debate about reform, civility, and honesty.

Have critics of the reformers corrupted the debate by being snarky?

Or have reformers corrupted the debate by calling themselves reformers as they seek to strip teachers of job rights and taking money from public schools for religious and private schools? 745 more words

Corporate Reformers

Bruce Baker: How to Use Bogus Data to Seek More Money for Charter Schools

The University of Arkansas issued a study claiming that charter schools get a higher “return on investment” than public schools, yet are underfunded especially given their great “productivity” and “ROI.” (I admit I stumble over the idea of applying ROI when we are talking about education and children, but that’s just me.) 319 more words

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Paul Horton: Will the Market Destroy Public Education?

Paul Horton, who teaches history at the University of Chicago Lab School, here analyzes the origins of neoliberalism and its attack on the public sector. … 835 more words

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Jon Pelto: Meet the Latest Education Reformer with a Dubious Degree

Jon Pelto reports that New London, Connecticut, is about to award a lucrative contract as superintendent to a “reformer” who has called himself “Dr.” without having earned a doctorate. 243 more words

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