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Texas Plant Captures and Reuses Carbon

One of the major contributors to global warming is CO2 emissions. How can this problem be solved? Well, a Texas company called Skyonic Corporation of Austin is preparing to tackle this problem and use it to increase their profits. 614 more words


This is the Fortune 500 of companies taking the lead to fight climate change

CDP, a British environmental nonprofit, receives data from almost 2,000 companies around the world showing what they do to fight climate change. From that, the group has compiled a list of the 187 best companies—firms such as Apple, Samsung, and BMW—into a kind of elite (and much smaller) Fortune 500 for environmentally-conscious companies, dubbed the  227 more words

The Tomorrow Machine and Eco-Innovative Business Thinking

The Swedish design group, Tomorrow Machine is creating future sustainable packaging that degrades as fast as the food does. As a result, these containers won’t be in dump sites years on end taking up space. 327 more words


Sustainable Corporations Outperform Their Peers Financially

Saints beat sinners. Reports are finding that it pays to invest in sustainability.

A report from CDP finds that S&P 500 companies that are actively managing and planning for climate change secure an 18% higher return on investment (ROI) than companies that  aren’t and 67% higher than companies who refuse to disclose their emissions.  380 more words


“External Assurance” in Sustainability Reporting on the Rise

Sustainability reporting should be comprehensive, transparent, non-biased and standardized, and the best way to improve the quality and credibility of reporting, according to the Global Reporting Initiative… 419 more words


Pacific Gas And Electric Company Earns Recognition On The Dow Jones Sustainability Index

Yesterday, PG&E Corporation announced that it had once again been selected for the prestigious Dow Jones Sustainability North America Index(DJSI).

PG&E has been working for decades to use resources efficiently, advance clean technologies and protect vital species and habitats. 292 more words


Majority of Shoppers Prefer to Buy Products that are Socially and Environmentally Responsible

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is no longer a new or vague concept in the minds of global consumers. And the increasing number of people who are willing to pay extra for a “do-good” product is a clear sign that attitudes are changing.   42 more words