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Do Good and Make Money

I was thrilled to be invited to attend this year’s FOO Camp in June. It’s a friendly gathering of Friends Of O’Reilly techie innovator braniac hacker types, in Sebastopol, California, and most everyone there suffers from crazy imposter syndrome at first, but warm up quickly because everyone’s so interesting.  1,016 more words


Great win for fast food workers!

Crossing our fingers! If upheld, this could hold McDonald’s (the corporation and not just the franchise owners) responsible for actions taken at thousands of its restaurants and could ease the way for unionizing. 41 more words


Spinwatch director talks to VICE about British PR companies "reputation laundering" for dictatorships

Jack Gilbert of Vice recently spoke to Tamasin Cave, director of Spinwatch:

‘The UK PR industry generates roughly £7.5 billion per year. If you work in media, it might feel like a good chunk of that comes via companies blasting your inbox with products that literally no one could ever want. 161 more words


Labor Unions Do What?

The corporate news media never lets you know what a business corporation really is; it’s organized money, and that money is organized in order to control economic and political markets and to not compete against each other. 13 more words

The Dark Side of the Love Poem

When most people think of Valentine’s Day, I’m sure the traditional love poem comes to mind. I thought today I’d break that stereotype, and write one for the other side of the love poem. 87 more words


Tuesday Pop Quiz

Who said this?

 Corporations, “separate and apart from” the human beings who own, run, and are employed by them, cannot do anything at all. [....]

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