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SAT Blues

Taking the SATS were the most stressful part of my high school career. I had always been a high achieving student, constantly getting A’s and increasing my involvement in as many extracurricular activities as I could. 717 more words

Education Equity

Senior Year Reflections on Teach for America

Ever since I first learned about Teach for America, I knew I wanted to participate. Social action, teaching, working with underprivileged kids…I wanted to be Hillary Swank from Freedom Writers. 822 more words

Education Opportunity

Oligarchy Now! + Corporations are "people"


Maybe more interesting than the article is some of comments…hard questions.

Technocratic oligarchy might be a more appropriate term.  It is not only the rich that rule but the machines upon which we all depend that shape our limited choices for the future. 

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Not So Shiny: The Surprising Secrets Behind Apple

They’re shiny, sleek, and ‘cool.’ In the past decade Apple’s gizmos have risen to the top of consumer pop-culture, squashing everything in their path to gain the ultimate reputation in the technology field. 41 more words

Article Of The Day (EN)

Corporations and Taxes

Here we get to the really meaty part of the tax debates, because we’re talking about the true sources of wealth in the world.  And although it is true that there are individuals out there that hold massive quantities of personal wealth, it remains true that the bulk of the money in the world is corporate money.  1,089 more words

Objections to the Clean Elections Amendment

I’ve discovered, much to my surprise, that not everyone is reacting to the Clean Elections Amendment with universal acclaim. (OK, maybe not a big surprise.) I have tried to point out that this is not a partisan issue…both liberals and conservatives, Democrats and Republicans, should find the CEA to be far superior to our current system of funding elections. 527 more words

Corporate Religion: Hobby Lobby, the Supreme Court, and Big Government

There’s been a lot of noise about big government lately, mostly coming from conservative factions. I admit concern for a government that is overstepping its authority and destroying individual American liberties. 1,264 more words