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Corporate Budget Saving Tips

Balancing an event budget is one the major challenges planners face, and the root of most money problems can be traced backed to the initial discussion stages. 37 more words


What is financialization? Marxism, Post-Keynesianism and Economic Sociology's complementary theorizing

The crisis of 2007–9 has cast fresh light on the ascendancy of finance in recent years, a process that is often described as financialization. The concept of financialisation has emerged within Marxist political economy in an effort to relate booming finance to poorly performing ‘real’ economy. 229 more words


Playing their game

One of the great things about the internet and social media is that it opens up the avenues through which we can receive our information. We can potentially get angles on news stories without the inherent bias of the publications, or we can get breakdowns of news stories from those who read articles. 464 more words


Kill Keystone

Before you read my blog on this subject, please click on the pic below and read it over first.  It will make this post I’m about to do much shorter. 402 more words


CK: Caring about people isn't that hard, is it?

Today, I came across this excellent article in the Washington Post that reminded me forcibly of my recent job hunt, and thought I’d comment.

A quick summary of the article: according to the numbers, employers are no longer willing to invest time in training new employees. 413 more words

Charley K.

Corporation [kawr-puh-rey-shun]: any group of persons united or regarded as united in one body

The more we learn about psychopaths, the more we become fascinated by their nature. We get roped in by the charm and then find ourselves reeling back in revulsion. 278 more words


First Things First [CTS Lecture]

Todays lecture focused on the social value of graphic design and how it has been used over the years. At the start of the lecture we were introduced to Augustus Pugin, John Ruskin and William morris. 547 more words