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If we look closely at the issues and hot spots of unrest in the world today, we see that the conflict is generally not with the people of the farms and villages themselves.

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AIGA ON Technology: A panel review.

Have you ever been to a panel where you feel you’re the one who should be at the stage and not at the audience? Call me pretentious (it’s probably true), but after attending  the… 634 more words

I quit Perilous Path...

PP – last night I told the front-end supervisor that this was my last shift – She was shocked – she said why are you not giving 2 weeks notice? 224 more words


U.S. Firms Accused of Enabling Surveillance in Despotic Central Asian Regimes

Cora Currier reports for The Intercept:

‘U.S. and Israeli companies have been selling surveillance systems to Central Asian countries with records of political repression and human rights abuse, according to… 213 more words


If you’re worried about Uber and privacy, don’t forget Lyft and Sidecar

Carmel DeAmicis writes for Gigaom:

‘Privacy concerns are front and center when it comes to Uber’s messy week, and a personal experience with the cavalier use of user data really brought that home for me. 257 more words