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The Top Censored Stories of 2014: Interview with Mickey Huff

Abby Martin interviews, Mickey Huff, Director of Project Censored, about some of the top 25 censored stories of 2014, covering everything from the lack of police brutality statistics to the impact of ocean acidification.’ … 9 more words


Be a Follower, Don’t Vote! but don't complain either...

This is not a literary piece. It’s personal. Cover your ears and hide your eyes if you don’t want to know my opinion.

I need to rant on those Americans who don’t vote, but have the nerve to bitch and complain about the state our country is in. 226 more words

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Lack of Leadership Leads to Societal Ills in North America

Lack of Leadership Leads to Societal Ills in North America | 30/10/14
by John Brian Shannon

Putting the ‘cart before the horse’ leads to societal ills… 1,005 more words


Theft by Deception

I am going to tell you a story, of my experience with the rogue government that we are now operating under. I am going to tell you this story so that you may arm yourself against it. 466 more words


Bones & Culture: Huesitos chocolate in Spain

I’ll admit, American candy bars often have names that are slightly confounding. To my mind, the combination of peanuts and caramel has never inspired derisive amusement, … 1,157 more words


Climate Change: The Truth is Out

In college, I took a class called Earth 005, which is in introductory class to the science of the Earth, with Professor James Kasting.  In it, we spent the semester learning the basic science regarding climate change.   691 more words

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Why Rocket Go Boom?!

Recently a private company rocket was attempting to re-supply the International Space Station but things did not go as planned….

A rocket that was supposed to deliver supplies to the crew aboard the International Space Station exploded in spectacular fashion just six seconds after liftoff this evening, reports…

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