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Public not convinced of pipeline benefits, government surveys find

Natural Resources Canada, which commissioned the two studies at a combined cost of almost $255,000, has spent more than $30 million on resource industry advertising over the last three years, with millions more budgeted this year.

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Mind-Blowing Headline of the Day

Did you hear about the new report that shows the United States is now an oligarchy instead of a democracy?

Oligarchy, Not Democracy: Americans Have ‘Near-Zero’ Input on Policy – Report…

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Xcel and VerizonWireless Having a Rough Day in Colorado

Xcel Restores Power in Boulder After Outage Left More Than 15,000 Without Power

Power was restored to Boulder after more than 15,000 customers lost power this morning, according to Xcel Energy officials.

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Years of Living Dangerously Here -- FREE

The new documentary, Years of Living Dangerously will be talked about a lot in the coming month.  If you can’t afford a cable subscription that includes Showtime — that would be me — watch the first segment, which airs tonight, here, for free: