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Putting the New GSL to work in the classroom

The General Service List has been around since 1953, when researcher Michael West used a 2.5 million corpus to identify the 2000 most important, high-frequency word families English learners needed to know. 267 more words

English Language Teaching

Flowery Perfume

Hey everyone! I have lots to share with you today…where to begin?

I’ll talk about something that I don’t normally focus on in my blog posts – using windlight/environmental settings to adjust your lighting in Second Life. 482 more words

Second Life

Transformation into Gargantuan Creatures, Part Five. Cheating MR

The rant I wrote at the introduction to this series has been bothering me a little. The Ars Magica rules are fair and reasonable, and solid in terms of they’ve not had a large degree of change since the very early days in terms of how Magical Resistance (a.k.a. 613 more words


Cliché? Cliché!

“It’s Been Said Before: A Guide to the Use and Abuse of Cliches” by Orin Hargraves. The book, author hopes, turned up hundreds of interesting facts about what people do with clichés. 526 more words


Moonlite Forest

Dress: ghee – Ruby Moonlite 

Hey guys! Today I was in the mood to dress up and look regal. What better way to do that than to wear long and shimmery? 90 more words

Second Life

Transformation spell - Form of the Iron Juggernaut

I’ve had this spell in mind for years, perhaps decades, and never written it up. An NPC wizard of mine in a 1990s Ars Magica game used to transform himself and also animate statues, but I’d never written it properly. 204 more words