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Corrections Corporation of America Correctional Officer Jobs

Correctional Officer Jobs
At CCA, correctional professionals of all kinds become life-changers. We offer more than just corrections jobs in state-of-the-art correctional centers. We extend stable career opportunities, where you can make a difference and become a life-changer. 39 more words

Job & Career Opportunities

Vermont Inmates Protest Out-of-State Incarceration at Arizona Private Prison

Twenty-eight prisoners from Vermont are being held out-of-state at the for-profit Florence Correctional Center in Arizona. At around noon on August 22nd, 13 of those 28 inmates began protesting. 771 more words

The for-profit gulag

Need some reasons why Vermont should end its dependency on out-of-state, for-profit prisons?

Y’know, aside from the fact that it’s wrong, that sending people two thousand miles away is arguably cruel and unusual punishment, and that it may well make rehabilitation more difficult because the inmates are isolated from everyone they know? 679 more words

2014 Election

CCA is on Both Sides of the Arizona Attorney General Race

I knew Corrections Corporation of America (CCA) had a strong presence in Arizona, but until last night’s Attorney General debate, I didn’t know the extent to which it was involved in this year’s election: 706 more words

Profits, Not Crime, Drive Incarceration Rates

Inmate-run call center

This second post deals with the corporatization of US prisons and the private companies who profit from high incarceration rates.

US rates of violent and property crime have been declining steadily since 1990. 689 more words

Things That Aren't What They Seem

States Save Billions by Downsizing Prisons

This is the first of four posts on America’s scandalous prison industrial complex. I start with the good news. Thanks to the budget crisis most states have faced since the 2008 economic crash, US prison populations have shrunk by 600,000. 846 more words

Attacks On The Working Class