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Further updated: Gambling on lese majeste

The case involving senior police, including an uncle of Srirasmi Akharapongpreecha, Crown Prince Vajiralongkorn’s official consort, is widening and becoming murkier, not least because of the claim that lese majeste is one of the charges against some of those arrested. 282 more words

NACC compromised (again)

In many countries, so-called independent agencies play important roles in overseeing government and providing a conduit for citizens who require protection from arbitrary state action. Unfortunately, these agencies may also be co-opted by political interests that make them tools for particular causes. 261 more words

More military corruption

PPT has posted on several instances of alleged corruption and unusual wealth amongst the military junta and its puppet organizations. More leaks out on a regular basis, and see the military junta again cracking down, repressing and censoring. 217 more words

Prayuth refuses to talk

The Dictator, General Prayuth Chan-ocha, usually loves speaking, so long as he has a captive audience who are unable to question him. Today he was far less willing to engage in discourse as he was asked a difficult question. 183 more words

Prayuth as populist joker

“Populism” is a dirty word for most royalists. They identify Thaksin Shinawatra as a populist and reckon his populist policies charmed the ignorant poor into voting for him. 431 more words

Doing very well

The National Anti-Corruption Commission has listed the assets of the junta’s handpicked cabinet members. This comes on the heels of the release of the assets registered by the its puppet National Legislative Assembly… 295 more words