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Does the FBI work for us or do we work for the FBI?

From the Guardian:

Big bunch of friggin’ Spook babies.

Can’t do your damned jobs without spookin’ around everybody’s computers.


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John Ackerman on Mexican Crisis

LINKS below to recent op-ed articles by John Ackerman in Mexico. -molly

Links embedded in titles. Each article is a stand alone, separately crafted piece. 46 more words


GM Recall: White Collar Crime and Government Corporatocracy

If you get the entire program, go to the “What Transport Canada knew about defects” story underneath the video player.

Go here for the CBC video link: 247 more words


We Hail Thee

The ghosts of our stymied nationhood

Beat hasty retreat into echoing chambers of heritage

Prospects of a pleasant after life experience repulsed

Subliminal honour of celestial acceptance rebuffed… 229 more words


180 economic fugitives back in China to face trial[1]|chinadaily.com.cn

Authorities in China have succeeded in getting extradited or persuading 180 economic fugitives to return to China and face trial since launching a campaign called “Fox Hunt” in July. 297 more words


Indonesian Teams Score On Themselves So They Won't Play Gangster-Controlled Team

From Yahoo!:

Two Indonesian teams have been disqualified from an end-of-season tournament after five own goals were scored in a single match, an official said Wednesday, as both sides sought to lose in a bid to avoid facing a team reportedly backed by gangsters.

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Indonesian Teams

How Romania Loses $28 Billion To Tax Evasion Every Year

BUCHAREST (Reuters) – Every morning, hundreds of traders pour into a cheap wholesale market in a northern suburb of Bucharest. But if the tax inspector calls, the bustle stops, shutters are quickly pulled down and the place falls silent. 714 more words