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Vaccines cause brain damage: the mothers know


Jon Rappoport’s Blog.

With kind permission from Jon

by Jon Rappoport

September 2, 2014


I’ve spent many pages laying out how the medical cartel plays semantic games, in order to “prove” vaccines don’t cause “autism.” 557 more words


Changing the rules of the game

TO get to meet Amanda Bakker (43) first there is a chain of e-mails. Once you have earned her trust there is a phone call. A gruff masculine voice on the end of the line barks an address, a date and a time, with a warning not to be late and not to arrive with a crowd of people. 1,240 more words


Opinion: Why Caroli Omondi Ought to be accountable

Today’s headlines make distressing and traumatic reading to millions Kenyans of goodwill who supported and voted for the CORD candidate in the last general elections. … 566 more words


Page 52

By the end of the day she has made a good start. The far room is mopped and scrubbed. The walls are faint shades of pink in places and the bare concrete will likely not dry overnight, but the room is clean. 334 more words


NoThing.... Lucie

Nothing but evil,
Killing trees for biofuels,
Destroying living forests
To deer hunting,
nothing but evil.

Colourful streets,
furnished with nudeness,
our home destruction,
My daddy home dint come, 46 more words