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Reveal.IT - Faulty capacitors on Presario SR5120AN motherboard

Last night, when I was swapping out the Corsair HX650W power supply from my Compaq Presario SR5120AN desktop computer to use in my VMware server, I noticed a bad or failed capacitor.   681 more words


Replace.IT - FSP Aurum Pro 1000W Power Supply with Corsair HX650W

The last day and a half was quiet as our internet had been capped until this morning. During that time I have been having a struggle with the FSP Aurum Pro 1000W power supply unit that I installed into my new VMware ESXi 5.5U2 server.   676 more words


Linux Gaming Setup Part 1: Overview and Hardware Selections

So, can you really game on linux? Well I am doing most of my gaming on linux nowadays. Of course, I’m not by any means, an avid PC gamer. 1,568 more words


Ghosts of Airshows past Part 3 – London City Fun Days

A commuter airport just a short distance away from some of London’s tallest skyscrapers hardly screams airshow venue. Yet for many years it was just that. 467 more words


Repair.IT of course - Corsair H100i liquid cooling standoff

There is a kit from Corsair that would contain the standoffs that we could use to replace the one that broke.  We checked a couple of computer shops but these were not in stock, with no information about when the kit might be available. 549 more words


Return.IT or Repair.IT - that is the question for the Corsair H100i liquid cooling kit

My younger son is building his first computer.  Previously he had either store bought computers or the last one was built by his older brother.  Now embarking on his journey he has specified a list of parts which were ordered and which I picked up yesterday afternoon. 358 more words


Ghosts Of Airshows Past 2 - Wings and Things - Woodchurch

Events up and down the country often come and go, some go and come back, some never really get going and a few are still sorely missed to this day. 509 more words