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Cortisone Trouble

I swear my body has it out for me. Remember those cortisone injections I got in both knees early in January now I have a two-inch white circle on my right knee and a smaller one on my left. 187 more words

Happy 115th Birthday, Percy Julian!

Percy Julian was an American research chemist and pioneer in the chemical synthesis of medicinal drugs from plants. He synthesized physostigmine for the treatment of glaucoma as well as cortisone for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis and is even noted for inventing a fire-extinguishing foam for gasoline and oil fires! 174 more words


Late Night Write

Getting the writing done a little bit later than I’d rather.  But such is life.  I still have yet to miss a day or a deadline, and that’s something.   645 more words


Pain relief in 5 minutes? Pffft.

Pain relief in 5 minutes?  Pffft.  That’s a quote, by the way.  I actually “pffted” when I read that Wintergreen oil has many of the properties of aspirin and cortisone. 199 more words

Essential Oil Benefits

Pub Quiz, Hotshot

If HydroCortisone flowing around my knee is what’s allowing my leg to keep going in training, then the rest of my body is running off the positivity of friends & colleagues. 948 more words

Miracles do happen (lucky for me)

Since my last post there were two big moments.

Both of them involved shredded nerves on my part, both of them were painful to watch, and both ended with the same positive message; Through all of the pain endured, there can be a happy ending. 588 more words

Hand Finger Update

So in my continual saga of pain, aka chronic pain syndrome. I was told today that I am in the early stages of yet another trigger finger! 241 more words