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Day 44 - Aftermath

Looking interestedly at my hands now, following last night‘s disastrous outburst of hand-scratching. There’s less redness than before, there are three holes that have now stopped weeping fluid (thank god) and I have little desire to scratch. 203 more words

Title Goes Here (Forgot to Add a Title!)

Shame on me! With an absolute genuine desire of posting every day, as the year wears on I just seem to get less and less posted. 561 more words

Asthme félin - chat qui tousse plusieurs fois par jour - a des quintes de toux - a de la peine à respirer

L’un de mes chats s’est mis à tousser régulièrement vers l’âge d’une année. Au début, nous avons cru qu’il avait des problèmes de boules de poils… 327 more words

Slowing myself down

Trying to relax, anxiety had really kicked in. I get the shot in my knee tomorrow. If Tracey could make it through what she did, I can do this. 16 more words


Discharged from the hospital today…interesting 5 days!! Underlying reasons for the admission starting to improve but and still very fuzzy headed from the large doses of cortisone IV. 39 more words