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Its hard to imagine how hard and difficult it is for someone else if you haven’t experienced the same. I have been repeating the same ways over and over again.

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I have a three-year-old daughter and a six-week-old son. Since my son was born, I have hardly put him down. I know all too well how fast they grow, and I have been doing my best to cherish every single newborn moment before I blink and he’s all grown up. 662 more words


Why my bed is now the family bed

Hello Readers,

I wanted to write this post because as a FTM I think it’s important that I explore and explaining my reasoning for making the parenting choices I’ve made (even if just for myself). 721 more words


Want to Stop Cosleeping? Here's How

In last week’s post, I talk about reasons why you might want to avoid cosleeping, because of SIDS risk in infancy, and the fact that it can be associated with poor sleep as children get older. 1,558 more words

Sleep Training

Chillin', Literally, Again

Being the responsible people we are, we decided to make the cost efficient switch to gas heat from oil. Gas is currently half the cost of oil and doesn’t require deliveries, thus eliminating the problem of running out of fuel, having to call the oil company begging the bitchy receptionist for a delivery and a technician to restart the furnace. 636 more words