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Seven things I said I'd never do but did. Welcome to motherhood.

Whilst I was pregnant, I knew I was going to be THE perfect mother.  I knew long before my unborn Son made his grand entry to the world, that my kid was blessed to have me as his Mum.   849 more words


Month Six: Little Beast

Earlier this week as I lay in bed in a futile attempt to get Eloise down for a nap, I felt her first tooth. The sharp little edge poked my finger and sure enough, a tiny glint of white sparkled on her gums. 361 more words


Confessions of a flawed attachment parenting type

I have been spending some time recently reflecting on my parenting philosophies and mulling over the question of whether we have been doing things right. By this I mean right for our family, as there is certainly no textbook definition of the word when it comes to parenting. 1,855 more words



I am a mother that co-sleeps with my five month old baby. I wish someone would have told me that trying to get her to sleep in her crib would so freaking hard. 370 more words

In the big bed

When G was a newborn, I remember one time wishing passionately that someone would steal him and then give him back a bit later when he was about ten and could talk and sleep like a normal person.  909 more words


10 ways to cope when my kids are sick

All my people are sick at the moment, and I can’t help feeling just a little glad that I’m the healthy one this time.  If I could get sick instead of my kids I absolutely would, but they always get what is going round this family because they’ve got their fingers up their noses all the time.  694 more words


Finding My Groove At Home: A Day in the Life

I admit it. Before Eloise was born, I wondered what stay-at-home moms did all day. I never thought they sat around and ate bonbons while watching day-time tv, but I was curious what filled their hours. 1,660 more words