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From Co-Sleeping To The Huge Woman Bed

When I talked about last 7 days that Ida is ultimately sleeping in her large female bed, you wanted know how we did it&#8211so I put together this small publish to depth how we went from co-sleeping to the big-female mattress. 15 more words

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This is us.


This photo basically sums us up. This is my son Noah and I taking the dog around the block this morning. He’s such a smiley baby and I can’t help but always smile with him. 168 more words

The Family Bed: Helping a toddler recover

Sleeping arrangements in the house are always something that differ greatly from family to family. Everyone does it differently.

Do you snuggle your child to sleep in your arms? 509 more words


The look..

We co-sleep with M.  I am not ashamed.  I just hate that I always feel like I have to justify it every time someone finds out about it.  475 more words


Oh by the way,

I co-sleep. (: it’s 5am and I’m awake after a middle of the night bottle for Emmers, and I couldn’t be happier to have her cuddled up to me. 8 more words

Cuddling, Bed-sharing and A Good Nights Sleep.!

Bug is going on five months old and we have been bed-sharing since day one.  I most definitely believe that bed-sharing has made our breast feeding bond strong. 597 more words

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Our experience with cosleeping

When I was pregnant with my son, I believed babies should sleep in cribs. I thought if I let my baby sleep with me, he would get hurt or grow to have a hard time sleeping on his own. 334 more words

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