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Want to Stop Cosleeping? Here's How

In last week’s post, I talk about reasons why you might want to avoid cosleeping, because of SIDS risk in infancy, and the fact that it can be associated with poor sleep as children get older. 1,558 more words

Sleep Training

Chillin', Literally, Again

Being the responsible people we are, we decided to make the cost efficient switch to gas heat from oil. Gas is currently half the cost of oil and doesn’t require deliveries, thus eliminating the problem of running out of fuel, having to call the oil company begging the bitchy receptionist for a delivery and a technician to restart the furnace. 636 more words


Sweet Sleep LLLove Notes

Sweet Sleep: Nighttime and Naptime Strategies for the Breastfeeding Family

Authors: Diane Wiessinger, Diana West, Linda J. Smith, Teresa Pitman


This book is like a… 1,899 more words

Night time musings of the parent of a toddler...

It’s 3am and the toddler has been tossing and turning, feeding and cuddling, crying and snuggling for two hours already. The thoughts a parent experiences at this point as they try to get back to sleep; 307 more words


Do You Want Your Kid to Be a Good Sleeper? Don't Cosleep

As a sleep doctor, and a parent, I have a problem with cosleeping. Cosleeping in infancy has been found to cause a small but significant increase in SIDS risk… 883 more words