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Maybe Co-Sleeping is Just as Much about Us...

E. is napping in our bed. My fingers move quickly because I never know how long I have until she awakens. Some days I get hours, others minutes. 538 more words


The Tiny Teacher: Six lessons in six weeks.

Whatever you told yourself during your pregnancy, that you would or wouldn’t do once your baby was born, becomes completely irrelevant once you hold him in your arms for the first time. 1,317 more words


My Bed Was Never Meant to Fit Three

My custom-made bed is lovely – queen-sized, handcarved mahogany in wenge color. It had black silk sheets with granny pillows covered in white satin. Or beddings that matched the color of our curtains. 274 more words


2 AM wake up call leads to co-sleeping for a night

Contrary to what you may think, G-Unit isn’t the one who woke up last night at 2 am and eventually wound up in our bed. It was Unit and it further reaffirmed my belief against… 360 more words


Weird Choices Part 3: Diapers, Food, and Sleep

If you missed them, here is Part 1 and Part 2.

So everyone knows that all babies do is eat, sleep, and poop. Well, for the first few months anyways. 1,270 more words

Bed-sharing with Young Infants: Is It Safe After All?

Does bed-sharing with infants increase their risk of SIDS, even without known risk factors such as alcohol use, smoking, and co-sleeping on a couch or chair? 2,312 more words


How A Paranoid Mom Deals With Co-Sleeping

Co-sleeping has several benefits for newborns and infants alike, but there are risks parents take when allowing their child to sleep with them.

For starters, there is the suffocation factor. 188 more words

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