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Finding My Groove At Home: A Day in the Life

I admit it. Before Eloise was born, I wondered what stay-at-home moms did all day. I never thought they sat around and ate bonbons while watching day-time tv, but I was curious what filled their hours. 1,660 more words


The active child & co-sleeping

One obvious benefit of co sleeping that is terribly obvious but I gave little thought to is cuddle time. O is and has always been on the move, rarely still during his waking hours. 278 more words

My Parenting Is Not An Attack On Yours

Imagine two people – let’s say one is a tattoo artist, the other is a physicist – and they’re both passionate about what they do, and they share that passion with the people they know. 775 more words


Co sleeping - yay or nay?

In just over 6 months baby boy has slept through (not woken at all) once. I’m not complaining though because mostly he sleeps very well, only waking a few times a night for his dummy. 478 more words


Sleeping photo joy!

Not much to say this week, I planned to take a photo of hubs and baby M blissfully asleep together, apparently you should turn off your flash…… 29 more words

Own Your Parenting Style

Parenting is not something I ever really set out to learn, talk, or write about. I’ve always written about my experience, my life. But well, this is it.¬† 443 more words



A lot has happened in the last two months. I really thought I would be better at this, but I let life get in the way. 230 more words