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Lipstick Love: My Favourites

As you can probably guess from the above photo, I’m a big lipstick fan and have quite a collection of them lying around at the moment. 511 more words


The Convertible Maxi Dress

Hello lovely, Beauties!

Concealer: What Are You Covering Up? Recap 

I’m super excited about the feed back I’ve received so far, but I don’t want to miss out on any one of your beautiful thoughts and questions!   770 more words


Lippy lovin: Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet

I seem to have developed something of a serious lip product problem. It’s bad. I’ve completely run out of any and all lipstick storage and yet I just couldn’t help myself when it came to these beautiful new releases – the  269 more words


Life Improvement Tips: Vol 18

1. Did you know that your hair oil (you do have a hair oil, right??) works soooo much better if you apply it when your hair is sopping wet? 551 more words



Bu ətrin təravəti sizdə ruh yüksəkliyi yaradacaq. Üst nota- zərif qreypfrut, təravətli qarpız, təzə ananas və emosiyalarla dolu olan energetik bir qoxu harmoniyasıdır. Ürək notada isə parlaq freziya dərəsi, zərif şəffaf liliya dəstəsi və çiçəklənən piona ilə yüngül sərin şaftalı qoxusu birləşib. 160 more words


It’s only Derma-logical - the "Use the fancies, dammit" challenge

First off… I am officially the mastermind behind this …

My smugness would be unflawed had this picture not been such an affirmation of my dorkiness. 708 more words