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We Are Energy: Understand Who You Are And Manifest Your Desires

Your body’s nervous system has octillion atoms that communicate through electrochemical processes. In essence, the human body is vibrating waves of energy. And so is the Cosmos. 703 more words


Grasp the Divine in You and Get the Unlimited

While I was working on a logo design project for a client today, I got a chance to learn again something interesting. And here are some images I made for me to better understand and imagine, what is the client´s business is about … 110 more words

Digital Painting

Cosmic Messages

Some Might Say I’m Crazy

The last several weeks have been a whirlwind. A private storm has been brewing around me and in my mind. I have shared a few of the strange happenings, but no one understands. 1,095 more words


8 Ways To Immediately Increase Your Energy

We are always looking for ways to increase our energy levels right?

Life just doesn’t flow the way it should when we are fatigued. When we’re tired, it’s difficult to concentrate, mood swings can happen, lethargy takes over… We can’t make the best choices in this state of mind. 1,130 more words


Mythical Monday: Jellyfish of the Air? by Mae Clair

There are many strange things that exist or are rumored to exist in our world, plus a plethora of oddities that defy explanation. Many people believe multiple dimensions flow through alternative timelines and places, others that they coexist within the same time and space as us, but aren’t visible to the naked eye. 417 more words

Mae Clair