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It’s easy to be difficult and difficult to be easy


The world we live in is paradoxical. There is good where there’s bad and bad where good exists. The human mind is an organ of intelligence but also an organ of ignorance. 613 more words

The Law Of Attraction

open window

i am but an open window some mornings when a night’s rain has passed and the birds flitter about in the sunny garden. i abandon my fleshy vehicle and become an open window, which the divine unknown, the sought after muse, uses me to defenestrate the beauty of the whole once i let go of myself, the idea of my life on Earth and hereafter and accept that death is the only guarantee, i become more alive than i’ve ever been as that open window, which the gods use to give the finite humans just a glimpse of the realm in which they frolic, urging me to capture that feeling, that vibration of pure cosmic energy from a dimension i cannot physically reach, but it cannot be done, no matter how i try, it is only diminished when i become the translator, i can only be the open window letting the wind bring in spring’s pollen and the birds’ chatter and the dying sun’s rays and it is paralyzing, and for those times i am but an open window i transcend my body for never long enough, but i am grateful for it and always surprised and left feeling for the rest of the day, once the window is closed, like a child licking an ice cream cone on a sweltering summer day for the first time.



What is cosmic healing?  How do we use it?  How do we channel it?  What is it about?

Let me make a distinction: true nature of reality has its own intelligence first, and then energy is the facet through which true nature builds up all different levels of existence till the physical one. 1,688 more words


Cosmic Energy

Note to reader: If thou believst that this post hath information regarding ‘the big bang’, ‘supernovas’ ‘galaxies’, ‘black holes’ and ‘white holes’, I beg pardon my friend, to inform thee that this post most sadly doth not have particulars upon those subjects. 515 more words

Yogananda : the nature of God

The mystery of the Divine Essence, divinity, the Spirit and God have been the constant subject of human enquiry and conjecture, religious speculation and metaphysical research. 570 more words