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I am So Much More

In this Holy space of quiet contemplation

I embrace the promise of today with the taste of bitter sweet

Trusting the field of all-possibility, I surrender into divine presence… 107 more words


Revolutionary Changes on Planet

The increase continues Soltices, Equinoxs, Eclipses, Astromonical Aligments (my spell checker doesn’t like any of those spellings so please bare with me) are all opening door ways to major changes in the frequencies of the energy of our planet. 626 more words

Pink Moon Roundup

Late Monday night – into – Tuesday (depending on where you were on the planet), an unusual moon rose in the sky.  It really rose: I mean, it went… 196 more words


Cosmic Undertow

So here’s a little rhyming piece just for the hell of it, feeling like celebrating the end of existence or something like that

Into the cosmic undertow… 219 more words



Has history
a trajectory?

Is it
in our destiny
(hesitant pause) to
bring carnival to
the galaxy

go overboard rather than
map the
stars, chart… 49 more words



Moon you
are leaving
the Sun is edging
the Eastern horizon

and I am
on the brink of
understanding your
nocturnal mythology
which the
sweeps away.



Duga plants his tailbone on the cushion, bends his legs in, helps his feet with his hands into the position.

He is brutally conscious of each part of his body and is ashamed for a moment.   543 more words

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