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He knew what she was thinking. Never mind the speed that makes it hard to follow what passes before the eye. The speed is the point.

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As a Wall Street golden boy witnesses the fall of his empire, his paranoia rises with each clue to his imminent assassination. (Netflix)

The thing about this is that the premise is interesting. 111 more words

"The Aura of the Story" on Red Lemonade's Blog

“The Moment changes…. Keep eye peeled regarding situation around you.

Learn its demands. And – meet them. Be there at the right time doing the right thing.” (Dick, 155) 151 more words


6-19-2014 | Dream Fragment | A Cosmopolis Inspired Dream At A Jail

I got awakened suddenly from a dream during the night thinking that someone had opened the bedroom door and said something to me, so I awakened suddenly probably saying/asking… 727 more words


Stefan Brüggemann: art made from headlines and movie last lines

If you glanced in passing at the spray painted words on plywood, you might at first think it was graffiti. After all, the words and phrases are unevenly spaced and the leading is off. 864 more words


Not so Holy Living: Shiloh Bible Camp

  • Shiloh Bible Camp: 1995, Grays Harbor, WA.

Somewhere in the Bible I had read that too much study is bad for you, maybe it was Ecclesiastes.  2,001 more words

Writing 101 - Day Two - A Room With A View, My View, My Idyll...

My room with a view, my place with meaning, is difficult for me to describe as I don’t even think a place like this actually exists. 590 more words