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Winter Soldier Costume: Part 1

Because I have a tendency to flit from one idea to the next, I’ve changed my cosplay lineup from Hanji/Enchantress costumes to Hanji/FemBucky Barnes costumes. I luckily have a friend who is good at fabricating, so he will be helping me with my arm. 56 more words


Awesome Cosplay of the Day: 4/22/14

It’s Earth Day peeps! Actually, I think it’s expanded to Earth Week, and may just very well be Earth Month. Either way, we should probably show some appreciation for this planet that puts up with our bullshit and hasn’t killed us…yet. 125 more words


New Wig Resource

1. Wigs.com – Found this site earlier today, and am definitely planning on giving it a shot as a new place to order wigs from! They have a nice selection of colors and wig types, though the prices range pretty high, but shipping is free if you spend $50 and type in a code from their FAQ on checkout! 19 more words


Assassin Vambrace: Tutorial

At long last, here is my tutorial on how I made my very own unique Assassin’s Creed vambrace!

-Foam core board
-PVA glue/modge podge… 397 more words


MTAC IN LOVE Cosplay Contest

Our favorite part of any convention is the cosplay, and Middle Tennessee Anime Convention cosplayers really go all out! Take a look at some of the beautiful work in this year’s cosplay contest!


MTAC IN LOVE in Pictures!

2014 marked the 14th year for the Middle Tennessee Anime Convention, but HGSG’s first year to work and attend it and we had a blast! Now, I’ll admit that we don’t know the first thing about anime, but MTAC is the best place to go to learn what’s hot in Japanese culture. 87 more words


Awesome Cosplay of the Day: 4/21/14

This is probably the best Two Face cosplay I have ever seen and it’s Rule 63, too!