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Join the Empire! Magazine Cover

I have been working on this digital painting for almost a year now. It had been one of those projects that always got pushed to the back of the pile. 120 more words


Awesome Cosplay of the Day: 8/21/14

Doctor Who and K9 have merged! Animal cosplay is seriously adorable (so long as the puppy or kitty is having good time, too!), and this precious baby is wonderful as the 11th doctor. 28 more words


Primers and their effects on EVA foam

I’ve recently hit a wall making one of my armor cosplay pieces because it wasn’t as shiny and brilliant as I wanted it to be. Now, I’ve done armor before but, for some reason this time it wasn’t working. 433 more words


The Cosplay Service Dog

I have a new title, Logan the Cosplay Service Dog.  This past year me and mom have attended several conventions. Gen Con 2013 was the our first foray in to going to conventions together. 743 more words


Tony's Kinda Shitty Armor Tutorial

Alright so this is how I got my armor bits done. They may not be everyone’s method or there may be some things that aren’t best but, this should give you an idea how to put stuff together. 1,843 more words


My Clara Oswald Wardrobe

Doctor Who season 8 with Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman returns this Saturday. I can’t wait! I will be watching the new season from my couch via BBCAmerica (it’s the only reason I keep paying for digital cable). 834 more words


Mascara Stubble

Technique: Mascara Stubble

Application Time: ~10min

Tools: Mascara, toilet paper, sealant (optional)

This is a easy, inexpensive way to create stubble or a 5 o’clock shadow.

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