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Kamui Cosplay

I have mentioned Kamui in another post, but she does such incredible work that I thought she was worth another post! Upon looking through her website again and looking through her amazing artwork I found a ton of awesome videos that could help you with your next cosplay. 50 more words


Awesome Cosplay of the Day: 4/23/14

Today’s cosplay is Seven of Nine from Star Trek: Voyager. I have to admit…I never really got into Voyager. I was a TNG girl all the way and still am. 88 more words


Ruth Myles: Cosplay on parade at Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo

If clothes make the man, then Shawn Trainor is a self-made warrior of the highest order.
The 27-year-old is dressed in an elaborate, incredibly detailed costume: deerskin jerkin, reinforced leather shin guards, wrist guards lined with leather and faced with rabbit fur, a metre-long sword, a horned helmet with nose guard. 774 more words


Me as a Bajoran!

It was so much fun to do a Star Trek alien this year! I had the pleasure to meet Spring Schoenhuth, who was the jewelry designer for the Bajorans on DS9, and I bought one of her beautiful ear cuffs for Friday at Norwescon. 98 more words

BioShock Infinite Barbershop Quartet Cosplayers Sing "God Only Knows"

There’s cosplaying and then there’s cosplaying. While you’re used to seeing people dressed up in elaborate costumes as the stars of video games, sometimes, it’s the people playing smaller parts that do it absolutely perfectly. 39 more words


Dressing for your Age

My friends from yoga are all over 50.  Yesterday we talked about the rise of wearing people wearing costumes which, over the past 10 years, has been nothing short of m… 770 more words