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Sakura Sunday 2014: Recap

Today is usually a Coplsy RoundUp but instead this will be a recap. Like I said in the previous post I just attended the Subaru Cherry Blossom Festival… 222 more words


Fetish Delights: Cosplay

For anyone who has ever gotten lucky on Halloween, you just how much fun cosplay can be.

Cosplay in a nutshell is when you or someone else dresses up in a costume, does their make up, and engages in a little bit of role play (more on that later). 456 more words

Femme-Con documentary

Femme-Con is a documentary about female cosplayers. The goal of this documentary is to show the hard work and the passion in the cosplay world and explore the phenomenon of cosplay from the female perspective. 130 more words


Con Report: Khaotic Kon 2014

I attended on Saturday, having rushed like mad to make it in time to watch the Combat Musical, my annual Khaotic tradition.

Well, the musical was lame (I miss the great energy from last year’s cast, Archer was tedious, the groping and sexual humor was overwhelming and not funny, Catwoman’s cat puns, etc…) save the part where M.I.B. 365 more words


The Social Media Effect on Cosplay

Cosplay, like much of nerd/geek culture, has been hugely impacted by the advent of the internet. Cosplay started off as a sort of underground hobby and has skyrocketed to popularity as people around the world learned to indulge their passion for crafting with the fun of dressing up and mugging for cameras.

An Interview with a Cosplayer

Its been quite a while since I made a post…

but that’s okay!

Since I have done 4 interviews with 7 cosplayers!!

I don’t intend to release them all individually as I have a lot of Charity work I am currently involved in so I am holding fire on this as it is a personalproject. 84 more words


I got streetsnapped! :3

This saturday i got streetsnapped buy a photojournalist, Iffit Qureshi, from Humans of Oslo. Even though it wasnt a street fashion snap it was fun! I didn’t even know we had street photographers in Norway… Ahahha… 131 more words

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