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The 4 Stages Of Edtech Disruption

Technology can be used in the learning process in a variety of ways.

Some are supplementary, serving the original design of the classroom and usually automate some previously by-human task or process–grading multiple choice assessments, searching for a source of information, or sharing messages and other data across large groups. 87 more words


The Old "They Get What You Pay For" Scheme . . .

. . . and whatever you do – don’t run over to the “Free Education” side either!

The Higher Education Bubble Is Suffused With Administrative Bloat


Government Fury

Once Again Illustrating the Current State of Education . . .

. . . is akin to an assembly line ending at the unemployment line – “Just keep the line moving (i.e., throw it over the fence).” 18 more words

Government Fury


He gave you Obamacare, do you trust and believe him on ObamaEd?

I am not a genius, but please believe and trust me when I say “Nothing is free” not freedom of speech and certainly not a two-year college degree.   442 more words

Is education really expensive ?

I’ve been with Philamlife since Dec 1996. Talked with different kind of parents who really gave importance in providing funds for the education of their children. 155 more words

Cost Of Education