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What is the true cost of college?

How much is the average American spending on higher education? More than you might expect. This infographic goes beyond tuition and offers a comprehensive breakdown of the real costs of college, as well as what goes into financing a degree, including the realities of student loan debt. 16 more words


OPINION: The raising of tuition fees has been an abject failure

IT is easy from afar to deride the mechanics of the United States higher education model.

With predatory lenders, for-profit colleges and recent damages in reputation to even Ivy League schools, there is a lot to wonder about the point of them. 718 more words


Bright College Years: Inside the American College Today

As the price of higher education escalates and the number of Americans seeking a college degree steadily rises, it is now more important then ever to think about higher education in a different way. 41 more words


Colleges Bobbing for French Fries.

Education has always been a commodity like any other. Sellers set the price at what the market will bear. Calling colleges and universities “not-for-profit” hides from this reality. 555 more words

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