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Yet Another Canadian Bank Poll Telling Us We've Underestimated Our Spend . . .

Parents and millennials have vastly different ideas on the cost of schooling


” . . . and we can help you out, call one of our friendly representatives today!”


Ideas on cost of post-secondary education differs between parents and children

Post-secondary students grossly underestimate the cost of school, not to mention how much support they’ll need from their parents, a new survey shows.

The online poll, conducted in July for CIBC, found that 67 per cent of parents were willing to pay for two-thirds of their children’s post-secondary education while, on average, their kids believed their parents were footing only a third of the bill. 322 more words


Oh How I Love the Exuberance of Youth . . .

Canadian Students Expect Big Debts, But Also Expect To Pay Them Off Quickly: Poll


Another bank poll . . . I can’t even think of something funny to say.  12 more words

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