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Problems in the Summer Times, Having the Children Involved in a Fun Kind of Lessons Can Manage to Pull Their Unstable Hearts

First hand encounter here, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

Last night, I took the police to the home of a student who’d skipped school for so many days.  695 more words


Food for thought

One of the cultural things you have to  expect in Indonesia is a group of strangers showing up unannounced at your home, brought there by an Indonesian friend of yours. 337 more words


An Unfulfilled Dream of Her Childhood

She’d tucked an unfinished dream of her childhood away, as demanded by her reality, and, through time, that dream just sat, in the back of her mind, gathering dust, never got taken out again, until now… 244 more words


A Three-Year-Old Child Skipped Home, Walked onto a Road with Heavy Traffic Flow, He Wasn’t at All Scared

Bad parenting behaviors here, what happened to WATCH your children CLOSELY???  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A three-year-old child, Lee, was found three kilometers away from his own, two nights ago, after he’d snuck out of his house, by the police, he’d told the officers who’d discovered him, “I’m walking to school,”, and the two officers took him to every household in the neighborhood, and, an hour later, they’d brought the child home, safe and sound to his parents, and when the mother answered the door, she was shocked to find, that her son had wandered off. 368 more words


By the Numbers: Cost of Living

This  post is the second in a series of comparing possible countries by using a neutral third party’s numbers.  For now I am appointing everything as a Green, Yellow or Red light. 492 more words

Multiple Countries

The Happiness of the Present Day Comes from the Hard Work from the Past

Happiness still doesn’t come easily, it comes from a TON of hardships from before, translated…

My aunt, for all angles examined, is a woman with happiness, from the words of the modern day, she’s a woman from the “Victories in Life” group.   554 more words