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Waiting for the Shock to Set in

This would be considered, the AFTERMATH, before you finally realized, what had happened, I call it, the “blank period”, because it still hadn’t HIT you yet!!! 175 more words


A Woman Took Her Infant to Shoplift at a Supermarket, Wanted Her In-Laws to Help Feed Her Child, the Police Lent a Helping Hand

A story of kindness from strangers, from the papers, translated…

A thirty-three year old woman, Jiang, carried her eight-month old daughter on her back yesterday, and shoplifted some snacks from a super convenience shop, the police found, that Jiang lived off of government assistance, along with handicrafts, and on top of that, she still needed to take care of the living of her blind mother-in-law and her drunk father-in-law, other than booking her for theft, they’d also helped her out from their own pockets. 412 more words

Properties Of Life

A Man Falsified as a Rich Man and Pretended that He Was a God-Fearing Man, to Scam the “Cougars”

SCAMMED!!!  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

Two nights ago, the Taipei City police arrested two men, Cheng and Chen, they’d found, that one had enticed gay males; while the other was dating “cougars”, and when they’d gone on dates, they’d read the Bible, to mask up their real selves, and to scam the men and women, an estimation of ten males, twenty females fell victim to them.  574 more words

Cost Of Living

Everyone gets a chance

Most of us are familiar with the “American Dream” of the 19th and early 20th Century, when waves of immigrants left Europe for the US in the hope of creating a better life for themselves. 818 more words

Brighton And Hove

Happy Halloween!


Guest Post by Nerone, the Dog

Well it has finally gotten cool here and I’m glad. That gave me an excuse to  start sleeping again in the other room on my bed.  And I am finally getting a good night’s sleep.  I love those people of mine, but Man Alive they sure are noisy and get up and down and turn on lights and read and just make all kinds of disturbances.  You know I’m a hard workin’ dog and I need my rest so’s I can guard and watch out for cats. 335 more words

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When His Mother Started Treating Him Like Her Husband

This would still be, IMPROPER on the adult’s part!

When his mother started treating him like her husband, she’d told him things, things that are too hard, for his young ears to understand, and he felt a TON of unnecessary pressures growing up. 172 more words

Cost Of Living

The Water & the Ocean

Things that happened, in the quietness of the day…translated…

I’d accidentally, knocked over a glass, the sharpened sound of it, hitting the floors was gone in but a second’s time. 124 more words