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A Text Message


Spare us the conversations here, translated…

“Long time no see!”

That, was the first line from the text message.   My high school classmate, after a very long while, sent me this line.   274 more words


Have you tried living on minimum wage for a week

I mulled the idea of experimenting living on minimum wage for a week but dropped it like a hot potato. I could not put myself through the shock of a sudden change in my erstwhile modest lifestyle. 410 more words

Social Issues

Dementia Takes a Toll

Dementia takes a toll, NOT just on the individuals who were found in ITS company, but also, the members of their separate families…dementia takes a toll, like how the tolls of death after a huge natural disaster had struck? 117 more words



Now I lay me down to sleep,
Slowly in the shadows start to creep,
Same old worries, same unease,
Same fears through Alzheimer’s Disease…

I pray the Lord my soul to keep, 81 more words


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From the Minds of the Diagnosed...

a strong £

london 2014 monday

The uk has finally come out of the longest depression. this one started in 2008, and it is now 6yrs later . … 619 more words

Losing You to Dementia

I’m still fighting this W-A-R that I will NEVER have the chance of winning, NOT when the “enemy” is so horrific like dementia.  During the earlier stages, the medications, the classes I took you to seem to slow down the progression of the illness, but, since you’d become severely demented, NOTHING seemed to work, NO magical pill to make the symptoms of forgetting go away, you just can’t remember anything anymore. 150 more words