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Dear Virgin Media

Dear Virgin Media,

Thank you for your letter this morning to let me know that you will be increasing the costs of my services by 12% in February of 2015, an opportune time of year to take advantage of all the extra cash your customers will have floating around. 465 more words

Because They Will Delete This From The Facebook Page

A Son Who Did Nothing All Day Long for 26 Years, His Father Finally Couldn’t Stand it Anymore, Hacked at His Drug-Addicted Son

Finally the father’s had ENOUGH!!!  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A man named Kuo had been abusing drugs long-term, and does nothing to make his own living, his seventy-two year old father blamed himself for not teaching his son the right kinds of values, yesterday, he’d left a note, saying that they are going to die together, used a knife, hacked up his own son, but, his daughter came home in time, called the police, after the police interrogated the elderly man, they’d booked him for attempted murder. 366 more words


Before She Married Him, She Realized that He Was a Letch, But Because She Didn’t Want to Lose “Face”, She’d Put up with Him for Eight Years, and Now, She’s Finally Filing for Divorce

Was it worth it?  Of course NOT!!!  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A man, Lai married eight years ago, his wife found that after they had their wedding photos, the very next day, he’d gone to a motel with another woman, and, in her friends and families urgings, she’d still followed through with the marriage, but, after they wed, the man is still uncontrolled she’d gotten so many phone calls from her husband’s whores, begging her to set him free, and, eight long years later, she’d finally filed for divorce and it was approved by the judge. 606 more words

Cost Of Living

Rainy Days

Price of Bread: $5.09 (we don’t buy this bread so often now)

I don’t think I have mentioned it before but I have extremely high expectations. 504 more words


10 Best States for Paying Back Your Law School Debt

by Stephen Dash

Average law school debt at graduation exceeds a staggering $100,000. Everyday at Credible, we see young lawyers trying to deal with their student debt, whether by  693 more words

Student Loans

It's all about the money.

There are many different views when it comes to further and higher education verses going straight into working. Those who go straight into working often argue it is the better choice, this is because they don’t have tens of thousands of pounds in debt looming over their head after graduation. 438 more words


Gringo guilt?

Sometimes the weird thing about being an expat is realizing that the harder life is for the people born there, the easier than can make your own life. 12 more words