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When Plans Don't Make it into Reality

We’re sorry to inform you, that your plans, well, they didn’t, make it, into reality, and here, are their “corpses”, go, and mourn for you losses now! 151 more words


Finding that Feeling of Home Abroad

I’d never imagined, that I’d be, finding that feeling of home abroad, I mean, I always had a strong sense of “home”, it’s a place where my heart belonged. 243 more words


YouTubers - 'Cost of Living'

If you need a place to vent about the tiny flat you pay too much for rent or the expiration date to post wedding photos on Facebook, check out You Tube channel ‘Cost of Living’. 88 more words


Thanksgiving dinner in 1909 for just 50 cents reveals how much of America's wealth has been stolen by the Federal Reserve

(NaturalNews) A Thanksgiving dinner at the Hotel Gettysburg in 1909 offered a lush array of gourmet food for just 50 cents. (h/t to The Burning Platform) 108 more words


Childhood Flashes by

Uh-oh, there’s that FLASH FLOOD watch happenin’ again here!!!

Childhood flashes by, so quickly, and, you wouldn’t even HAVE a clue, of how, or even when it’d happened.   174 more words

Cost Of Living

Regurgitating the Past

Hold my hair back!!!  I’m ‘bout to…………B-A-R-F!!!

The past, regurgitated, because you couldn’t possibly DIGEST all of that SHIT properly and completely, and, besides, you’d gulfed down your pasts, way too fast, and so now, it all comes back out, from the TOP, and trust me, it does NOT feel good AT A-L-L!!!   177 more words


Relying Too Much on the Technologies and Forgot to Use the Hearts to Treat the Patients

Everything became impersonalized here, because doctors just don’t take the time, translated…

As I’d begun my training as a medical doctor, I’d heard the older generation of doctors told, that eighty-percent of the problems can be found out by interviewing the patients.   736 more words