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tory's victorian values mean the return of malnutrition and rickets

…….. and you can add an increase in the the incidence of gout, TB, measles and whooping cough to the list too.

All diseases closely associated with poverty. 75 more words

Class War

When a College Degree is NO Longer a Guarantee for a Good Job

Welcome, to the current day situation!!!

Whereas way back when (and that was, a VERY, VERY, V-E-R-Y long time ago), having a college degree meant that you’re guaranteed a decent enough job, and now, because there are a TON of community colleges, universities out there, and the entrance bar was lowered by a HELL of a lot, so, the value of a college education is also on the decline… When a college degree is NO longer a guarantee for a good job, what CAN you do, to UP your chances of getting a good job, and, don’t most jobs require that you at least have a college degree, before they consider hiring you?   83 more words


How Much Allowance Would Be Fitting for a College Student?

I dunno!!!  Translated…

After a year, as the parent of a freshman of college, I have something to share.

How much, do we, as parents, wire to our kids in college, this, is what we, the parents wanted to know.   477 more words


So, He's an Expert on Plants

On the education of the younger generation, translated…

Yu was once a student that gave me a TON of headaches, because he either dozed off in class, or he’d talk out of turn and became disruptive while I was teaching, and, he did awful in the academics too. 328 more words


Denver: Part II

Today was dedicated to finding a suitable living arrangement while I explore my new environment. Through Craigslist mainly I found many places but the prices are steep. 236 more words

Journal Entries

Sending My Only Son to Save the World and Watch Him Die

I know that would make me an unfit father, but I’d put my country’s needs ahead of my parental duties here…

Sending my only son to save the world and watch him die, how could I have done that?   155 more words


Talking to Your Headstone

This, is the closet to CLOSURE I will EVER get that’s for sure!!!

Talking to your headstone, I just LASHED out at that icy cold slab, with your name, printed, along with the dates of your birth and death on it. 179 more words