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Versions of the Truth

Depending on who bore witness, there are, many versions of the truth to be considered, or rather, those many versions, pieced together, make up, the WHOLE truth. 148 more words


Leaving it All Up to Fate

Are you absolutely POSITIVE, that NO “human powers” are warranted here??? The experience of someone’s pregnancy, translated…

Two years ago, when my wife got pregnant for the very first time, in order to allow this newcomer of the family to have a complete home, I’d filed for a transfer to Changhwa. 380 more words


Kept Her Childhood in the Woods

She thought it’d be safe, because nobody (at least, NO grown-ups) EVER dared ventured into the Woods, after the discovery of the BLOOD-SUCKING werewolf that was out on the prowl when there’s a full moon, and so, she thought that her childhood would be safe, buried, deep, into the woods. 188 more words

Prices In Tampa Climbing!

Is it just me or does the thought of Tampa, Florida seem like a great place to be right now!? This winter weather has been rough and most of us are ready for some serious sunshine! 228 more words


Perfect Strangers

We were perfect for each other when we were strangers, we got to know one anther, became the best of friends. I missed our accidental meetings at the park and the picnic area, they weren’t planned, were they??? 118 more words


California Government Gouging Us At the Pump

Congratulations California, we’re number one in Gas Prices!

GasBuddy.com has released a chart of gas prices, sorted by county.  An interactive version of the chart is available here… 201 more words