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Guided/Misguided by Our Childhood Experiences

Flip a coin, and just STAY with the “side” that it (the coin???) landed on!

Guided/misguided by our childhood experiences, this, is what we all eventually become, as we are deeply, affected by everything that happened to us as children, there’s NO doubt ‘bout that.   163 more words


My view on MINIMUM WAGE (as published in the Florida Palm Beach Post - March 17, 2014)

Much is being said about the benefits of raising the minimum wage, with Democrat politicians and their minions claiming no downside. Not true.

The problem with the minimum wage debate is that both sides are right. 296 more words

Cost Of Living

When Life is Measured, by the Dollars and Cents

So, how, do YOU measure UP, with this “brand new” system of “measurement”???

When life is measured, by the dollars and cents that you made, that, is what modern day man is doing, but, the measure OF a life, should be MORE than just the dollars OR the cents, shouldn’t it?   188 more words


Reducing Income Inequality

I don’t hear the UPPER class complaining, so, it MUST be the middle AND the lower classes who are “whining” then???  Reducing income inequality, so, we would ALL have equal piece of the pie, so, why don’t we go “back” to communism, where everything IS shared, equally, even IF you don’t work as hard, you’d still get paid, the SAME amount as the next dude who slaved his life away? 129 more words


Price for Keeping Her Youth Intact

What’s it gonna cost me this time, an arm, AND a leg???  The “price” we pay for wanting to be young AND beautiful, translated…

After the long holidays, my book club started meeting again, the owner of a bakery, Huei asked me mysteriously, “What do you think has changed on the boss’s wife?” 515 more words