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The last week has been different.

* Exhausting but fun. Diego really is something else, my first dog and already I think I’d quiet like a pack :D
* Having a puppy has meant that I spend a lot less time on the internet. 70 more words

Life Or Something Like It

The Doctors Pulled the Plug, the Terminally Ill Patients Died with Dignity Intact

From the Front Page Sections, translated…

The very first documentary on the reality of terminal care and assisted suicide, was put forth, recently, by the Chenggong University’s medical department.  590 more words


Chiang Mai - 9 Top Havens for Expat Retirees

Via: U.S. News & World Report


Chiang Mai, Thailand

Estimated expat population: 20,000+

Chiang Mai has been luring expats from the West for years. The attraction is twofold–the low cost of living and housing and the weather. 73 more words


I Saw Myself, When I Gazed into Your Eyes

I guess, that, was what drove me to offer you the help, because I saw myself, when I gazed into your eye, and the moments of my past, came flooding back, had someone lend me a helping hand when I was there (in the past), then, maybe, I wouldn’t have had it this hard, and now, you appeared before me, in my “old shoes”, how can I not help you out? 270 more words


The Game of God, Man, and Demons


A shiny spirit dog, looking like a god, he rammed into the world of demons that’s filled with sorrows and pains and scariness, on his way, he’d passed through the caves with the sharpened teeth, and managed to rouse up the bats that flew all over the places, like how the world of the demonic had sneezed, then, that, was when the spirit dog realized, “This place, is NOT the world of demons!”, because he smelled the scent of the more humans………(more humans?   65 more words


You Were Here, and After You’re Gone, I Was Left, in Lonely’s Company

So, was your leaving, the primary cause of my lonely, or, am I lonely from before, but you were the distraction I’d needed, and now that you’re gone, lonely started attacking, once more??? 252 more words


Four Primary Reasons for Why People Wouldn’t Want to Get Treatment for Their Cancers

From the Front Page Sections, translated…

  1. Being Elderly
  2. Fearing Chemo
  3. Fearing Going Under the “Knife
  4. Fearing that Treatment May Affect the Quality of Life

The newest research results discovered, that nearly twenty percent of those who were diagnosed, formally, with cancer did NOT seek out treatment options in the three months after they’d been diagnosed, and their rates of death is three times MORE than those who’d gotten treatment right away. 567 more words