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The Loneliness Left Behind by Life

There’s this, strong, sense of loneliness, that life had left behind, with every death, you’d feel, lonelier than before, why, is that???

The loneliness left behind by life, because that, is how life will leave you, lonely, because you had yet to master that “course”, and, from where I’m sittin’, it looks like, you NEVER will! 135 more words


A Walk-Through of Her Childhood

A walk-through of her childhood, she’d stalled on, and now, she can no longer, put it off!

A walk-through of her childhood, she must do, in order, to get over everything that’s happened to her in the past, and that meant, that she needed to open up those cans of worms, that… 146 more words


Wow, I Do Appear that Young

On parent-child interactions, translated…

There was a student in my class, nicknamed, “Old Pip”, I’d had a parent-teacher conference with his mom, and felt that “Old Pip” looks exactly like his mom.   401 more words


An Unexpected Harvest


My husband and I had been long time, troubled by the lifestyle of our upstairs neighbors, and we’d had the thought of moving away, but, due to economics, traffic, along with other multiple considerations, we’d crossed this wish off our to-do lists each and every year. 324 more words


On the Long Vacations, My Child is Glued to the High-Tech Products

Addicted to the technologies here, translated…

Q: How can I put a stop to my kids staying up all night long on the internet?

  • Wu a sixth grader from a dual-income household, is an only child. 
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he Founder of the Kai-Ping Culinary School Recalls the Scars Caused by the Relationship with Her Father and Noted that When Children are Unhappy, the Parents Won’t Feel Happy Either

On parenting, from the “experts”, translated…

Of ALL the namely chefs in Taiwan, twenty-percent came out of the Kai-Ping Culinary School, but, there’s NO textbook, no examinations for the students, and the parents must take an eight-day course.   913 more words

Cost Of Living

Cost of Living in Belize (Price List of Goods)

I thought I would post a list of prices for those of you looking to travel, or better yet, make a move to Belize. Keep in mind this list will be based on prices in San Ignacio, Cayo District. 128 more words