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Saving money with laser cutting.

Laser cutting has been around for a long time and has been embraced by industry for the most part but I still do see some instances of designs that don’t really take advantage of all the things you can do with it. 1,584 more words

The implications of zero-based budgeting for operations managers

I do not want to stay too far into the realms of finance, but clearly an organisation’s financial strategy, policies and practices have implications for the operations function.   224 more words

Operations Management

Streamlining Your Procurement Process

Reducing operational costs has always been a constant administration challenge for businesses. Streamlining the procurement process can therefore help your company to manage the purchasing process more effectively and to meet this challenge head-on. 119 more words

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Virtual Storage Area Network (VSAN) - new technology, big benefits

We love VMware vSan. Simple high performance storage for virtual machines.

Let’s say you have some internal SATA and SSD disks in your ESXi host that’s not being used, well why not build them into a vSan cluster? 36 more words

Product Review

Setting your sights on the procurement goals

Ask a novice what their procurement goals are, and they’ll either switch off – or mutter musings about cutting costs not quality. Asking Google (or your search engine of choice), and you’re rewarded more fruitfully – but advice still resembles the earliest apples; short, sharp and difficult to reach. 406 more words

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Spending a few extra minutes at the start of a task to plan it out saves time in the long run. That sounds contradictory, doesn’t it? 730 more words

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Procure to Pay Systems (P2P)

Maximizing efficiency is a high priority for most organisations in the UK. The procure-to-pay system therefore enables integration of the purchasing department, finance as well as the account payables department- hence making it possible for real-time cash flow visibility, which allows organisations to make better buying decisions. 6 more words

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