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An arm and a leg

David told Ornan that he would buy his threshing floor for the full (vs discounted) price because he would not offer to the Lord anything that cost him nothing (1 Chron 21:24). 42 more words

The People Rejoice

Cost of Thanksgiving dinner from 1986 to 2014

Today, during our fundamental of digital journalism class, Meg Heckman, a former Northeastern graduate student and a current professor at the University of New Hampshire, explained us how to use infogr.am. 17 more words

School Assignments

Looking to buy a unique home on a low budget? No problem!

Buying a home is a stressful and exhausting task in and of itself.  For recent college grads or those with a smaller income, this task is even more daunting, as they want to find the best “bang for their buck.”  However, this is getting more and more complicated to do with home prices and interest rates back on the rise. 236 more words

GoAir ? Only if you wish to GoMad !!

On Sept 17th I had booked tickets to Goa and was thrilled that I managed to get two tickets for Rs. 21000/-. It was a set of hopping flights and I was thrilled that I had managed to book in advance and was so smart ….. 601 more words

Disturbed Ramblings

2.A. Global Strategies & 2.B. A global view of operations

(Loreto Corrales & Marta Sánchez)

2.1. Global Strategies.

In developing ‘global strategy’, it is useful to distinguish between three forms of international expansion that arise from a company’s resources, capabilities and current international position. 856 more words

Subject Contents

Yo yos, Swings and See Saws.


Or another way of saying trying to balance the books and keep our heads above water.

I hate to admit it, but I’ve failed.
There are just some things that have a way of getting away from you, and our electricity is one. 625 more words

My Life