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Travel Budget: Bangkok, Thailand

We stayed twice in Bangkok; once for a stopover and the other for our sightseeing stay. We’ve broken the budget into two sections.

Overall spend in Bangkok: £312.50 338 more words


I don't count

I don’t count, Jesus counts (1 Corinthians 6:19-20, John 3:30). In heaven’s system of “ac-counting” comes:

1. being counted worthy of the resurrection unto eternal life (Luke 20:27-38) 54 more words


Left or Right

I warily approach
A split on the worn path
Reminiscing of times
The journey went left and right

Where do they lead?

Left hurries me… 109 more words

How much do people pay for Obamacare?

John Tozzi wrote an article for Bloomberg Businessweek on how the government calculates subsidies given to people who have Obamacare, available here. This article sums up nicely the factors that contribute to how much a person actually pays for an Obamacare plan. 64 more words

Benchmark Plan

Inflatable incubator cuts cost of neonatal care - Technology

A British university student has designed an inflatable incubator to provide a low-cost solution to premature birth care. He hopes his design will help save the lives of babies in…

Ohioans, please send this message to your politicians!

Dear Representatives name1, name2, name3 and Senator name 4 and Senator name 5:

We the undersigned Ohio citizens join thousands of others nationwide in urging you and your colleagues to never reinstate the wind production tax credit (PTC). 954 more words