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Low Cost Emergency Exit Door Alarm & 105dB Siren with On/Off Key

Save $ 10 order now Low Cost Emergency Exit Door Alarm & 105dB Siren with On/Off Key at Best Home Security Systems store. Daily updated home security systems reviews and find the best rated home security systems consumer reports on Ebay, Amazon. 12 more words

Keeping food cost down



If anyone of you all have been to the grocery store in last 5 years I’m sure you’ve notice something peculiar. Food is getting expensive, and fast! 384 more words

The Value of Ebooks

There’s something to be said for the instant gratification of buying a book without leaving your house, and being able to start reading it within seconds. 501 more words

Will the global package business model offered by "manyship.com" be sustainable ?

The website http://www.manyship.com describes a system in which individual travelers post their planned trip, shippers post their requirements and the available capacity is assigned to carry products between destinations. 118 more words

Global Contexts

MIND RENEWING - talk is cheap?

It’s one of those sayings you hear a lot growing up – “talk is cheap!” Is it really cheap though? Or do the words we speak produce something in our lives? 246 more words



Who says we are most alone
When we are with the most?
And all alone with its none;
Enjoying life at its own worst?

Attempting to be on our own… 38 more words