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Clean/green living

The child and I went to the local fruit & veg market this morning and stocked up on supplies for the week. Clean and healthy, mostly green veg, some fruit for spruce to take to preschool and some for my juices/smoothies. 191 more words


Aircraft costs 2013-2015


NOTE: Since spending does not include R&D or any associated equipment, it is a good indication of actual aircraft cost.



EA-18G: 967.725.000 USD for 12 aircraft – 80.643.750 USD

Worth, Cost, Price, and Value

Nothing has an importance that you did not give it, nothing has the power to make you sad unless you give it that power, and when you give someone outside of yourself to make you happy you are bound to another’s trip into sadness, for it is our realization of our expectation that brings forth the happiness we derive from that which is outside of ourselves.  2,119 more words


Why Are DSLRs So Expensive?

I bought a HDD Recorder for my TV the other day.  It cost me £260. It seems to have a million and one features and functions and I was quite blown away by what it could do. 425 more words


Aim for the cloud

How to take your MSP business to the next level

You’re a managed service provider (MSP) with 50 clients. You’re the one they call when anything breaks, summoning up your technical guru skills. 471 more words

First Lady Michelle Obama Was Back In Chicago Last Night!

First Lady Michelle Obama was in town last night, but it cost anywhere between $500 bucks and $20 grand in order to see her.

She was speaking at a Democratic fundraiser on the Gold Coast yesterday and after they Michelle and her daughters were rumored to be headed to the Beyonce/Jay-z concert at Soldier Field. 66 more words


• Why Gloriana is not 'Heritage'

‘ . . 1.2 Briefly discussed the possibility of getting funds from . Lord Stirling has connections with this organisation. Generally felt that this may not be possible as the project, although dealing with heritage matters, was… 260 more words