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Spain, and What Comes After

The thing about being a writer who loves to travel and trying to blog about it is that both travel and writing are time-consuming. There’s little room for looking ahead when you’re, say, spending five weeks in Paris in the spring. 481 more words


If anyone is wondering where the overweight and over 60 British people vacation, it is Málaga.


Global Liquidation Services has it all! Cold call, guaranteed resale and upfront fee…

Sometimes we post warnings about companies who only do cold calling. But Global Liquidation Services does not belong to that group as they actually go the whole way. 264 more words


Putting on a cardigan

As I walked home along the beach just now I felt a strange sensation in my arms.

This town has very much become a home now, which is strange and good in equal measures. 501 more words

Costa Del Tom

"How a custom bike is born" - from a piece of steel to a full blown Ironboyzz™ custom bike

To build a Harley custom bike is not too hard if you have basic skills. To build an excellent custom bike however, one that handles like a dream is not that easy. 256 more words

Club Almeria Vacations, a cold calling resale with upfront fee

Club Almeria Vacations reunites all the signs of a company that should certainly be treated with caution.

This company approaches Timeshare owners on a cold call and offers guaranteed and quick resales of their timeshare. 228 more words


Five Nights in Marbs

Maybe its the direct flight from Manchester airport, or maybe it runs deeper than that, but when you are from the North West of England there are two summer holiday destinations that particularly call out – *The Algarve* and *Marbs*. 233 more words