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Costa Rica angered by Swedish comedy show

STOCKHOLM – A Swedish TV network has apologized to Costa Rica for using the Central American country’s national anthem to promote a comedy show.

TV4 is using the anthem in a trailer for “Parlamentet,” a popular game show featuring some of Sweden’s best-known comedians. 148 more words


Woman Traveling Alone, Stay Away


Rebecca has been working hard in San Francisco, she has two jobs working as a deli girl at Whole Foods and a waitress to the Marina folk who love brunch (so all of them). 543 more words

Costa Rica

Day 13 & 14: Back to Reality

Saturday was the day that many people, including myself, checked out for the School of the World and made our journeys elsewhere. Some of us went home, and some of us continued our travels. 911 more words

Costa Rica for 2 Weeks: 1 Bag and under $1000

Summer vacation may be coming to an end for many North Americans but if you’ve got a little time left, we have a few ideas for how you can still visit Costa Rica for two weeks, carrying just one bag and spending less than $1000. 624 more words

Costa Rica


During a conversation about humans that look like animals (sidenote: you know you’ve gone through a lot of conversations at this stage) my mind wandered back to a guy we had drinks with a few weeks ago. 83 more words

In the Jungle, the Mighty Jungle... - Costa Rica Part 3

…the sloths sleep tonight (or morning, depending on which type of sloth).

My friend has an absolute obsession with sloths. I don’t get it, I really don’t. 565 more words