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@Costco #Chicken

My mom’s church had a #Thanksgiving celebration. My child sang and danced and my mom sang in the choir.

They also had a feast for lunch, each table got a #Costco chicken and whatever was leftover was sold for $5. 16 more words


Calgary area mom finds bullet in Brussels sprouts from Costco

CALGARY- The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) is investigating after a woman discovered a lead bullet inside a bag of frozen Brussels sprouts from Costco. 241 more words


It's a Pulled Pork kind of day.

When it comes to cooking meat, pork is known for being fairly forgiving but for some reason I have had some recent issues with getting pork butt done just right. 612 more words

Calorie counts: Coming to a restaurant, movie theater, vending machine near you

This is from The Washington Post.

When I go to Mickey D’s for a burger or Poppa John’s for a pizza I just want the burger or the pizza. 992 more words

Creative Memories, Costco, and KISS

We now know what has become of Creative Memories. New new re-branded Creative Memories (NNRBCM) remains a direct sales company, with a somewhat simplified career plan. 184 more words

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Lucie and the Dental Drool

OK, I go to the Dentist this morning, so he can finish up my “dental work.”

And I tell him, “I’m in the midst of a major thyroiditis flare-up, so just be aware.” 648 more words


30 Stores That Refuse To Stay Open On Thanksgiving!

If you were thinking about doing some shopping on Thursday before or after scarfing down all that turkey think again because some of  your favorite stores will be closed.   324 more words