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Living with Costochondritis

What is Costochondritis?

I hear you say, well I’ll tell you. Costochondritis is a medical condition where there is an inflammation in the joints between the cartilages that join the ribs to your sternum.

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Oh Hello...You didn't Realize we were Playing Hide and Seek!

The past weekend was amazing as far as pain and anxiety. I was calm and not feeling too much pain! So I began to feel normal. 423 more words


Healing is Painful

I had this illusion that once I got things figured out both physically and mentally that I would be back to my normal, happy, driven self.   633 more words


Morning Routine

1. Get up

2. Sneeze; it’s too cold!

3. Go back to bed. Hopefully the cat will join you.

4. zzzzz

Chronic Fatigue

Costochondritis: The Worst Best Case Senario

A huge stress causer for me is a little gem called ‘Costochondritis’. It’s the inflammation of the cartilage between your ribs that literally (the actual of the word) feels like you are having a heart attack. 603 more words


Using Low-Starch Diet to reduce inflammation and pain

Hi all,

No more running, or training, or football since my last update, but I am back on the bike for commuting purposes (3 miles) – I’ve actually brought my pain levels down a lot in the past couple of weeks, but I know my body well enough to know how far I can push any sort of comeback. 635 more words

Round 2- T- 11 days

It’s been a crazy 5 months, and as the title states, a round 2 of sorts is 11 days away.  Having been dealing with sternal pain and occasional pain across the chest, the doctors and I have decided that removal of the plates and wires that reinforced my sternum while it healed is needed.   483 more words