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So, it's winter in so very many ways...

Well, I’ve been wanting to post for awhile, but there were a few things I had to be certain of first.  So, today I am certain.  274 more words


Update on Costochondritis

So it is coming up on my one year anniversary for being diagnosed with Costochondritis.

How am I doing? Much, much better. But it always wasn’t that way. 447 more words


The end of one year, the beginning of another

On the one hand, I’ve been reading a lot of heartfelt, lovely posts reflecting on the end of 2014 and intentions for 2015. So I felt like I should say something. 292 more words


Living with Costochondritis

What is Costochondritis?

I hear you say, well I’ll tell you. Costochondritis is a medical condition where there is an inflammation in the joints between the cartilages that join the ribs to your sternum.

142 more words

Oh Hello...You didn't Realize we were Playing Hide and Seek!

The past weekend was amazing as far as pain and anxiety. I was calm and not feeling too much pain! So I began to feel normal. 423 more words


Healing is Painful

I had this illusion that once I got things figured out both physically and mentally that I would be back to my normal, happy, driven self.   633 more words


Morning Routine

1. Get up

2. Sneeze; it’s too cold!

3. Go back to bed. Hopefully the cat will join you.

4. zzzzz

Chronic Fatigue