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This is what I’m up to today. Next week I start belly dancing lessons, and this move has me really excited because it helped release some of the tension and pain that I carry around in the chest and ribs. 482 more words

What is Costochondritis?

What is Costochondritis?

By Debi Rideout

Costochondritis is chest wall pain. It happens because of inflammation of the ribs and the cartilage that connects the ribs. 523 more words

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when life is really, really hard

[content note: depression]

I found that picture about a year ago. I’m not sure why, but searching for period-related humor when blood is coursing like a river out of my vagina makes me feel better. 1,227 more words

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May 23, 2013 - Diagnosis Scoliosis, Surgery, and Coping

She (costochondritis) seems to be easing with the meds, heating pad, and rest. I am glad for that and I really hope it will not be a chronic issue. 554 more words

May 17, 2013 - She Has a Name

I think I have a name for my latest health ailment. It’s a nice long name. I don’t want to be friends with this one. She can leave as soon as possible. 349 more words

Costochondritis - Junction Inflammation


It is basically inflammation of junctions where your upper ribs actually join with cartilage which holds them to sternum or breastbone. What is costochondritis… 537 more words

Chronic Costochondritis