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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

What are we supposed to do to fix the college system? 

So many people are burdened with student debt which is essentially causing the country to stop.  309 more words

These 9 Charts Show America's Coming Student Loan Apocalypse

It was only twenty years ago that my tuition for N.Y.U was 12,000 and now it is at about 39,000. Moreover, my first and only year at S.U.N.Y at Albany was 5,000 including room and board whereas my son in 2009 when he was at U of Mass at Amherst was clocking in at 23,000. 376 more words

Cable Television History/AND THE NEXT PHASE

Cable Television History.


What I find interesting is! That on over-the-air (Broadcast) Tv is that ever since the advent of HDTV. There has been more channels added by local broadcasters. 201 more words


Kaldor-Hicks and Abortion

Abortion is a contentious issue.  There is a diversity of moral systems that have a variety of opinions on the matter (many arguments are internally consistent – I’ve argued on both sides). 955 more words

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Your (my!) annual vent about textbook costs

College students everywhere are heading to their campus bookstores’ websites to see what their textbooks are going to set them back.  Here are three anecdotes that have gotten me rankled just within the last week or so. 631 more words


What It Now Costs To Raise A Child

Here’s what it now costs to raise a child… NOT including the cost of college.

According to the newest report from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, it now costs an average of $245,000 to raise a child. 136 more words