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Solar energy costs drop; reach price parity in three countries

There’s been some much-needed good news for the environment that seems to have slipped under the public radar. A solar energy costs study conducted by consulting firm Eclareon has found that solar energy has now reached price parity with conventional energy sources in Germany, Italy and Spain. 212 more words


Solar Gains

Driving a Tesla is 38% of the cost of driving a comparison gas-powered vehicle despite with crazy electricity prices in Massachusetts. But unlike oil and gasoline, you can generate your own electricity for some solar gains, offsetting some of that cost while also taking load off an already  2,104 more words


living how

If you don’t have a leg to stand on and everything you need costs an arm and a leg, how do you live?


Say what now...

So I previously expressed concern that childcare cost the same as a new Honda Civic annually.  Sadly, this info has been confirmed for me recently.  A friend of mine who does a nanny-share recently shared that she paid a total of about $15,000 for the nanny-SHARE.   136 more words

Childcare Costs

Tobacco Free Florida

Looking for help and facts? Check out Tobacco Free Florida!

What's leed homes all about anyway?

Previously published on HOUZZ

by Mariana Pickering

Houzz Contributor, designer, and LEED AP based in Northern Italy.

The thing that’s great about LEED is that it’s a much more integrated approach to the environmental sustainability of the entire site. 57 more words

Green Buildings

Who Said the Software's Late?

We are always hearing about software projects being late.  My current experience tells me that my own software team will deliver their software later than planned. 438 more words

Software Development