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StarringAnna FrielKarel RodenVincent Regan 

Directed byJuraj Jakubisko

Year: 2008

Plot: The story of a young, innocent countess with a very bad haircut, who became demonized as serial killer Erzsébet Bathory, told through the lens of sixteenth century Hungarian military might. 59 more words



StarringRachel WeiszMax MinghellaOscar Isaac

Directed byAlejandro Amenábar

Year: 2009

Plot: It’s the 4th century AD and the Greco-Roman world is decaying rapidly, as illustrated by the sacking of the great library of Alexandria by the Christian mob (which happened 300 years earlier by Julius Cesar). 59 more words

How Did They Get Roped Into This?

April 2014 Movie Preview

M: Interestingly, the summer movie season appears to begin in April this year, despite the fact that in most of the country spring still hasn’t even started yet. 3,416 more words


#102 (tie) - Ivan the Terrible, Part I (1944), dir. Sergei Eisenstein

Sergei Eisenstein is one of the great directors. A pioneer of montage editing, inventive camera placement, and rousing action set pieces, Eisenstein was also a deeply cerebral filmmaker and a Marxist deconstructionist of film technique who put together some of the best theoretical pieces on movies ever written. 3,105 more words


How a screenplay works

A screenplay is a story told with pictures … a screenplay is about a person, or persons, in a place, or places, doing his, or her thing … it is a story told in dialogue and description, and placed in the context of a dramatic structure … each shot represents an individual mosaic within the tapestry of the sequence … Syd Field…

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Political Novels/films

Les Enfants du Paradis (Marcel Carné, 1945)

“I’d spill torrents of blood to give you rivers of diamonds.”

“I’d settle for less.”

It’s hard to believe that this monolith of a film was put together under the World War II circumstances that it faced, its completion amounting to an act of cultural defiance. 335 more words