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Anime Recommend Naruto Shippuden, themed jewelry and Etsy Seller

The anime series “Naruto” and “Naruto Shippudden” was reccommended to me by a fellow Etsy Seller and once she started me on this series, this anime has become one of my favourite animes, ranking up there with Inuyasha, Rurouni Kenshin, Nurarihyon no Mago for me. 141 more words

The Bird & I Crafts

Sneak Peak: Vintage Bling











A few pieces of vintage bling that will be making it’s way to the shop this week, as always you are the first to get a sneak peak.


Use These Great Tips For Jewelry!

TIP! Avoid harsh chemicals like bleach, ammonia and acetone that may permanently damage your jewelry. This can cause the stones to lose their luster in addition to eating away the enamel on any of the pieces. 941 more words

Could You Use Some More Information About Jewelry?

TIP! Get a polishing cloth for your jewelery. This helps keep your jewelry shiny without the need for chemical cleansers, which can damage the pieces. 551 more words

If You Love Jewelry, This Article Is For You

Finding the right jewelery can take some time and research. It can be puzzling to know where to start.

TIP! A magnet is a useful tool when shopping for jewelry in sterling silver. 749 more words

Junk Jewelry, Costume Jewelry And Authentic Jewelry

TIP! Be careful on how you store all of your jewelry together. It is better to use boxes, compartments, holders, and hooks for keeping pieces separate. 676 more words

Tips, Tricks, Strategies And Secrets About Jewelry

TIP! Keep jewelry stored safely and away from both air and humidity. A jewelry box or drawstring bag out of a humid area is ideal. 875 more words