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Infant Jedi

My son’s first convention costume. The dots on the fabric aren’t particularly Jedi-esque, but considering that I threw this together in between feedings a few days before Salt Lake’s FantasyCon, I’d say it turned out pretty cute regardless! 6 more words


We Got A Link Last Sunday

My fiancĂ© is a big Legend Of Zelda fan, so when an opportunity came to dress up our daughter as Link he didn’t let it pass. 20 more words


Toronto Style & Fashion Calendar

Hello long weekend! If you’re doing a Toronto staycation for the extended weekend, there are plenty of fun fashion-related going-ons. I have my eye on the Leslieville Flea, happening this Sunday at Harbourfront Centre (yes, that’s nowhere near Leslieville, but just go with it). 610 more words


A Little Trip To Bath

Bath has to be one of the prettiest places I’ve visited in a long time. It has shops, pattiseries, the Roman Baths and a fair few Museums. 313 more words


Amazing Grace by Mary Hoffman

Grace has a limitless imagination. Like many of the children who will read this story, she likes to dress up as any character she has ever seen or can imagine from spiders to pirates. 178 more words

Single Parent


There are more final stages of the long knitted clothing project to come. In the meantime, here are some previews of my next cosplay:

I haven’t worn flannel since 1998 (and I have never been to bible camp). 38 more words

Craft In Progress


Witches. Creepy little women. That was our theme for our latest photo day. We managed creepy but more in an insane way and less in a supernatural way. 69 more words