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Friday Five 4.18.2014

Let’s just ignore the fact that I have been gone for a week, okay?

I had a really rough week emotionally and I wasn’t in the right frame of mind to let myself have a keyboard and a platform. 274 more words


Here Are Nine Adorable Super Mario Cats. Have A Good Friday.

YouTuber 9 Cats has made a cat video based on Super Mario Bros. Why? This person has nine cats. Of course they set up some Mario pipes and mystery blocks and put hats on cats. 65 more words


Slide in your favorite costume this Halloween

Every year before Halloween people begin to wonder what to wear on the festival. Should they choose a scary, classy or funny dress? Famous television and film characters’ costumes are popular among people of all ages. 128 more words


Help, I can't breathe! I'm in a casino!

Recently, I went on a trip to Vegas with the fam fam. Jesus Christ, I can not breathe in any of the casinos. Seriously, people, there is this thing called secondhand smoke. 338 more words

Aprilween, Put Some All Hallows' In Your Easter Weekend

Like most nerds of my caliber, I accept almost any reason to dress up in an awesome costume. Tomorrow night, April 19, Chop Suey is giving us an awesome reason, Aprilween. 43 more words


Cheep, Cheap

I am a bit of a cheapskate. Frugal to be it more politely. A remnant of my upbringing I’m sure. Two parents, both raised in the depression (my mother recalls getting coal one Christmas. 545 more words


Dressed to Kill

How many of you devoted fans of Star Trek Online have purchased a costume set for your character(s)? They have some sweet setups to deck out your toon with any motivation you can think of. 1,129 more words