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Have I Become a Person-of-Age Fogey?


Should I go to the costume ball as a contemporary someone who’s lost his cool head
or as a committed contemporary reader
who ought to be committed? 621 more words

On Aging Gracelessly

Culture Corner - April 2014

Most of this post will be about my awesome Nerd Weekend with Pax East 2014 and Captain America, but to start I’ll pretend to be much artsier than I really am. 1,046 more words


Star Wars Costumes circa 1978

This picture of me and my friends was taken in front of Henrico Theater in July of 1978 (that’s me on the far right, dressed as Han Solo).  23 more words


Henry Poole at the Bowes Museum

Yesterday I ventured north up the A1 to the Bowes Museum (http://www.thebowesmuseum.org.uk/).  It has been almost 30 years to the day (school trip in April 1984), since my first (and until now last) visit to the Bowes Museum so I was especially looking forward to seeing what this provincial art museum had to offer. 411 more words


Impressive Costumes of Vietnamese Southern Women

The costume of women in South Vietnam has gone through many stages of development, but still preserves its distinctive and unique imprints of the traditional culture Initially, the women’s costume in the North of Vietnam was ao tu than (four-piece blouse) with a bodice, a skirt and a headscarf of the ancient Vietnamese women. 119 more words


Brechtian Blacks:

Police – Baton, Badge

Detective -

Prostitutes – Garter

Jack -

Tv Hosts – Microphone

Teacher -

Student -

Donna Hay – Rolling Pin

Epic Theatre

Steampunk Mad Hatter, Part 3

I’ve been a little sick the past week, but during spurts of feeling well, I finished up the corset for my Steampunk Mad Hatter. It has been a complicated process for me – I have never made a corset before, and it was definitely an experience. 557 more words