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Just Effin Do Something!

A year ago or so, I was posting more about lacrosse than playing lacrosse. I hit a wonderful 198 #’s and was around 33% BF. I became that person tied to electronics and social media. 211 more words

[Music Monday] Hello!

Hello! It’s not Monday. But that’s okay because I wanted to share a song with you guys! More like, I felt bad for neglecting my blog over the summer. 68 more words

Music Monday

Nowhere fast...

Today is laundry day. I love doing laundry.

All that smelly goodness and warm softness.

Since I’m not traveling today farther than the couch…here is a cute cat pic to tide you over. 14 more words


100 Happy Days: Day 34

Today was not my best day. I could barely eat and was extremely squirmy all day because of my stomach. I have no idea why I was feeling this way, but I’m happy to finally be relaxing at home and lying in bed. 95 more words

100 Happy Days

My All Nighter Became My Day Off.

I have a million ideas for future blog posts, but unfortunately I had to write a 9-page essay last night. If you didn’t read my procrastination virus post, maybe you should. 77 more words

This Is Life.

100 Mile Challenge - Day Twenty-One

Well I had a bad case of the lazies today.  I stayed on the couch pretty much all day.  I went for a walk later this evening and it was a hot.  44 more words

Movin' At My Own Pace

Physical inactivity 4th leading cause of death |Learn How You Can Be More Active & Escape the Couch!

According to a study published in The Lancet medical journal, physical inactivity is the fourth (4th) leading cause of death across the entire world. This result is directly on par with deaths caused by cigarette smoking, overeating and you may well be setting yourself up for a stroke.  426 more words