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AUDIO: Confession - My Uncle Won't Leave My Couch

We had a listener confess that his uncle won’t get off his couch! He was sweet enough to let him stay at his house after losing his job but it’s been several months now and he won’t leave. 43 more words


A Natural Wonder

Please welcome this fully cushioned, three-seater to the blog. Flanked by shrubbery and optimally positioned to allow for hours of traffic gazing, this couch really has no rivals. 22 more words

AUDIO: Mark's Mom Is Sleeping On His Couch!

Mark’s mom is in town visiting and she’s staying with him at his apartment. Sounds normal until he admitted to us that she’s curled up in the fetal position sleeping on his couch! 48 more words


couch bed

slept and rolled over

and down the side

went the wallet

and the change

and it was all rearranged

and it felt like a slot machine gone wrong… 60 more words


Bored Today!

Today she was not inspired by her maman taking picture of our little N.

I understand her so well, I was into her shoes when I was a little girl my mother was also a photographer :)


10 Smart Things To Do When You Are Stuck On The Couch

Have you ever experienced the feeling of sitting down on your couch and you just can’t get back up again. Just. Can’t. Get. Up. It does happen from time to time. 468 more words

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