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Another rainy day, which meant another day stuck indoors.  I mean a dog can only play with his squeaky toys for so long!  As a solution, Oreo decided to make a day of being lazy and laying on the couch.   21 more words

Bichon Frisé

New Stuff

These songs aren’t that great, these next two.  But hey, they’re prototypes, and the more songs I make the larger pool of creativity I’m sort-of.  “Dig into the well of yourself, like a young dog.”

Making.  So yea.

More couches

At one point I had imagined that couch wildlife was a distinctly winter phenomenon – but it turns out that they enjoy the summer as well. 17 more words

#857 - Couch Camo

Young Valerie, like so many other people, enjoys napping on our couch. Trouble is, the purple blanket we keep in the living room matches the couch almost exactly, making it difficult to see someone who is wrapped up in it.

Sketch A Day

Couch Cleaning in Santa Monica, CA

 Over the past 8 years I’ve had the same couch. I first got it in my…

Algerian Red Sofa - $595

If you are interested in this piece, refer to this number when you call in or stop by: ITEM # 39733

Description: This Algerian red tufted sofa is in brand new condition. 35 more words

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